Senran Kagura Games Won’t Be Toned Down For Westerners, Says Producer
Senran Kagura

In a follow-up statement to an interview that Senran Kagura producer Kenichiro Takaki had with PlayStation Lifestyle, where they asked if he would be toning down his games in the future to appease the growing Puritan state of Western society, Takaki mentioned that it was a consideration at the studio. After the news blew up, Takaki later took to Twitter to address concerns over Senran Kagura becoming censored or toned down to fit the sensibilities of Social Justice Warriors in the West.

In a couple of tweets that Kotaku in Action picked up, Takaki stated the following…

So basically, Takaki had to reassure fans that future Senran Kagura games will not be toned down in Japan, and won’t be toned down when localized for export in the West… not unless the ESRB or PEGI get involved.

For the most part, a lot of people have responded thinking that PlayStation Lifestyle may have miscontextualized the comments that Takaki made, but without the original question being present in the article and without the original Japanese syntax being published, it made it difficult to determine exactly what Takaki meant when he stated that they would consider toning down the Senran Kagura games.

Various gamers staged a campaign to politely reach out to Takaki to let him know that he should not censor the games and that he should not tone them down for casuals or SJWs, because those people still won’t buy the game even if they are designed to appeal to them.

The Senran Kagura features plenty of shameless boob and butt shots with lots of jiggling going on in between. It has a niche audience and carved out its own little corner of the market thanks to its solid gameplay and unapologetic fan-service.

Fans can at least rest easy knowing that there are no plans from Marvelous Entertainment, Tamsoft, or XSeed Games to tone down future games for a Western release.


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