Senran Kagura Games Won’t Be Toned Down For Westerners, Says Producer
Senran Kagura
(Last Updated On: July 13, 2017)

In a follow-up statement to an interview that Senran Kagura producer Kenichiro Takaki had with PlayStation Lifestyle, where they asked if he would be toning down his games in the future to appease the growing Puritan state of Western society, Takaki mentioned that it was a consideration at the studio. After the news blew up, Takaki later took to Twitter to address concerns over Senran Kagura becoming censored or toned down to fit the sensibilities of Social Justice Warriors in the West.

In a couple of tweets that Kotaku in Action picked up, Takaki stated the following…

So basically, Takaki had to reassure fans that future Senran Kagura games will not be toned down in Japan, and won’t be toned down when localized for export in the West… not unless the ESRB or PEGI get involved.

For the most part, a lot of people have responded thinking that PlayStation Lifestyle may have miscontextualized the comments that Takaki made, but without the original question being present in the article and without the original Japanese syntax being published, it made it difficult to determine exactly what Takaki meant when he stated that they would consider toning down the Senran Kagura games.

Various gamers staged a campaign to politely reach out to Takaki to let him know that he should not censor the games and that he should not tone them down for casuals or SJWs, because those people still won’t buy the game even if they are designed to appeal to them.

The Senran Kagura features plenty of shameless boob and butt shots with lots of jiggling going on in between. It has a niche audience and carved out its own little corner of the market thanks to its solid gameplay and unapologetic fan-service.

Fans can at least rest easy knowing that there are no plans from Marvelous Entertainment, Tamsoft, or XSeed Games to tone down future games for a Western release.

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  • Grahav

    If the translation of what he said is correct he pretty much exposed a weak point to be strike.

    I will buy Estival Versus before the franchise is burkaed.

  • Alistair

    Like I said before over NG, IM more worried about he said about the rating boards. Now it may mean jackshit.

    The PEGI and ESRB had let sexual content with a low rating of T and M and PEGI with 12 and 16. and the The odd 18.

    But sometime down the line the rating boards will get stricter when the pressure be to much to bare from SJWs in rating boards or told the boards to tow the line.

    So that what the boob man is saying that future titles down the line will be tone down because of the boards wishes.

    That why I still suspicious of what being said now. On a different note it obviously that Devs are playing safe. While the games that are ecchi are uncensored they still decided to opt out the ages of characters from games.

    As they never try to pass the games with ages intact.

    • lucben999

      I always saw rating boards as the SJW endgame in terms of censoring games. That would be nightmare scenario seeing as how a similar censorship system in western comics pretty much ruined the entire medium in a way it never fully recovered from.

      • I always saw rating boards as the SJW endgame in terms of censoring games.

        Because rating boards are the SJW endgame. SJWs know they cannot change the culture itself, so they go direct to the authorities of said medium and get things censored there via enforcement of regulations/law.

        On social media and video games forums (where I am using an alternative username) I always encourage people to keep an eye on the ratings board’s situation and voice any disapproval at them. You know, let them know that they won’t get away lightly with any SJW/feminist garbage they might plan to implement.

        Unfortunately not many people seem to care, because ratings boards haven’t gone completely SJW yet. So obviously that means that it’ll be too late when people start caring. And that is what will happen.

      • Alistair

        I total agree with you as I said what the producer said about the rating boards and we need to comply worry me.

        Sometime down the line we do not know how the boards will act in the future.

        If they suddenly turn around and start refusing rating for certain games then it clear the boards went into SJW Mode.

    • lucben999

      I always saw rating boards as the SJW endgame in terms of censoring games. That would be nightmare scenario seeing as how a similar censorship system in western comics pretty much ruined the entire medium in a way it never fully recovered from.

  • Disqusted

    Mainstream media gets busted lying for the 907142408912677893123th time. SJWstation Liestyle can f**k right off with their SJW clickbait bullshit.

    They either did it by accident or on purpose. Either way, I think it hurts their credibility and their content should become questionable.

    To be honest, I have no patience for poor Japanese translations. I’m sick of seeing poor translations everywhere. Professionals should not be doing a worse job than me. I hate seeing them mislead audiences and fail to convey the correct meaning. Also tired of fake news in general, of course.

    Speaking of fake news, Pewdie did a video about the “gender wage gap” and Piers Morgan bullying that hilarious Polish politician who can barely speak English (which almost everybody seems to not realize). The mainstream is already taking it out of context and smearing Pewdie.

    Never change, fake news.

    I saw some women insisting they do get paid less despite doing the same time/job or having more experience. If that is truly the case, then they should be suing their employers for illegal treatment, instead of blaming all men.

    I think part of the problem is normal women don’t want to “cause a ruckus” and prefer to back down when screwed over, probably because social image is more important to them. I can imagine them keeping quiet and gossiping with friends instead. If this is what’s happening, it’s not fair to blame all men for their own lack of action against their employers. Do they expect all men to hold those employers accountable on their behalf?

    Besides, my personal experience is that companies and education institutes give priority to women over men, even going so far as to openly say “women only”, regardless of legality, because it appears “progressive” to do so, and women are more attractive and appealing in general. Of course, I’m sure this depends on the purpose of the job.

    I’ve also known and met many women who use men to do their college work, dump the men as soon as they graduate, and then claim all the credit for themselves, landing a cozy job that they didn’t earn themselves like guys have to. Nobody ever seems to factor these things into the “gender wage gap”.

    It’s not something that can be boiled down into bullshit blanket statements like “women earn 70 cents per dollar compared to men”, or whatever that lie is.

  • I reckon PlayStation Lifestyle should be added to – anyone else?

    • Over what exactly? Not providing proper context for an answer they published from a larger interview?

      • Disqusted

        It’d be nice if the mainstream was held responsible for failing to provide proper context, which is something they seem to be extremely poor at doing.

        Edit: Moved the rest of my comment here, to my main comment.

      • Basically. It was done for misleading purposes. Does it not count? :/

        • Misleading purposes presumes we know that was their intent. Do we know for sure that was their intent? It gets a little hazy there, and it would be a little presumptuous to attribute ill-intent on behalf of PlayStation Lifestyle without really knowing what the author’s intent was when constructing that piece.

          This is not to say that I don’t agree that it was misleading, because I do feel it was definitely misleading due to a lot of the missing context surrounding the statements.

          • True, though I still wouldn’t put it past them. We’ll wait and see if they say anything.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    When I saw the interview where he said “a little bit” I knew he was joking.

  • RichardGristle

    lol – “localized” interview translations. What a bunch of dishonest assholes. Literally the exact kind of reason that GG started up in the first place.

  • Mr.Towel

    Heh, call me a cynical but I don’t think it retracts much from what he said. Maybe I’m missing some context but to me he just saying what he said previously on the interview, that they might change the production of the game itself, tone down the actual original Japanese version so that the game will sell better overseas without any change on regional releases. Like what Treehouse is doing. Changing the game’s original manuscript rather than just the localization.

    Maybe I’m being too suspicious, I would be happier if he had phrased to something along the lines: “ecchi won’t be toned down, overseas or no”. Probably I’m expecting too much.