Senran Kagura Producer Might Censor Japanese Releases, According To Marvelous
Senran Kagura
(Last Updated On: July 13, 2017)

[Update 7/13/2017: Producer Kenichiro Takaki clarified that they won’t be toning down the content in future Senran Kagura games]

Senran Kagura producer Kenichiro Takaki was asked during a PlayStation Lifestyle interview if he would consider toning down the series – a series known for having advanced boob physics and lots of sexual innuendo scattered throughout. According to Takaki, he stated…

“A little bit. The game started out very small and that was the big selling point in order to move units. Now that the franchise has grown, and is getting more popular, it might be worth considering having features that differ depending on where it’s being sold. That way it might be able to sell better in certain regions where it would be problematic to have that kind of content.”

This was seen as kowtowing to the current Social Justice Warrior standards reigning dominant in the United States. Recently Nintendo stated that they would be bringing over Treehouse and other European localizers to help work with Japanese developers to “culturalize” or censor games before they head West, as a way to cut down on having to censor the games latter and potentially remove content or features, similar to what happened with Xenoblade Chronicles X where the boob slider was removed in the character customization feature in the West, or how the pelvic bones in the female characters within Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE were removed for the Western release.

Based on Takaki’s comments, it sounded like he may have derived his decision from having read some of the criticisms from Western games media about the Senran Kagura titles, telling PlayStation Lifestyle…

“However, there are also reviews that ignore the games due to the sexual content, and write it off from the start, so those aren’t very helpful. If you’re going to write it off due to a main component then that game just isn’t for you, and that review isn’t really useful as feedback.”


Operation Rainfall spotted tweets from publisher Marvelous Entertainment, who claimed that they won’t be censoring games that they publish in Europe, and that what Takaki was referring to was only for Japan. Marvelous Twitter account replied to fans who were concerned about the matter, stating…

“To clarify[,] we are not considering toning down the content of the game; it was something that Kenichiro Takaki mentioned during an interview. […] The experience would be the same as this would in relation to all versions (Japanese and Western) rather than just the Western releases. But our European releases of Senran Kagura Games will always offer the same experience as those found in Japan.


“From our understanding the interview quotes were in reference to future games released in Japan (rather than the West).

When someone asked about Takaki’s “per region” statements, Marvelous responded by saying that it’s just speculation, but they would be working to keep the European release as close to the Japanese release as possible.

This created a flurry of panic throughout the Senran Kagura fandom given that it’s one of the few mid-budget series left that’s released in the West that shamelessly indulges in feminine sensuality. If the series was to “tone down” then it would just leave games like Valkyrie Drive to fill the void.

Some cooler heads are asking for calmer minds, however. A native from Japan who goes by the handle of RyanoftheStars, and regularly translates Japanese to help out the Kotaku in Action community when controversy arises, made a post on KIA that criticized the PlayStation Lifestyle piece for leaving out the proper context of the question by not transcribing it in full, and also questions the integrity of the translation since it’s already been transcribed for publication. He also points out that certain phrases used in the quote relate to words that don’t exist in the Japanese lexicon.

Ryan’s skepticism was not unwarranted, and there have been times when intent and nuance were lost in translation. Even though Marvelous has already responded to Takaki’s comments on Twitter, I did decide to reach out directly to XSeed Games and Marvelous Entertainment directly to inquire about Takaki’s original intent regarding his answer and the question leading up to it. If XSeed or Marvelous decide to respond, the article will be updated.

(Main image courtesy of John Wesker)

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  • Of course Playstation Lifestyle would try to get him to tone down his games as they are bigger SJWs than Gematsu.

  • RichardGristle

    I’m not ready to lose my shit just yet since there seems to be so many conflicting sides to the story, but I’ve been around this block long enough to be feeling some measure of concern

  • InkViper



    Now I’m not going to go off like a retard, yet!!!!
    I’ll wait for someone to get the full transcript of the interview and make sure it’s contextually translated by a trustworthy third party, before passing judgement! and maybe someone could also do that with the Tetsuya Takahashi interview with kotaku as well, not happy with the outcome of that interview, but I want to make sure it was his words in context, and not a mainstream media friendly answer from a treehouse translator!

  • Akai Kiri

    why to they think this is a good idea?

  • Alistair

    Lmao 😂 I just read marvellous statement billy.

    And I got to say what a load of fucking bull and I laugh so hard.

    They basically said what the boob man said is the Japanese version and not the western version our version won’t be censored according to marvellous Europe,

    Then went on to say that our games will be like the Japanese.

    So if Japanese is gonna get tone down so is ours.

    “But our Europern release of senran kagura games will always offer the same experience as those found in Japan”

    The same experience as found in Japan if they consider censored Japan version then a big question mark over the western version.

  • Mike Campbell

    Not a fan of this series but it would be dumb if he tone down the fanservice, it would of been a mediocre to average dynasty warriors clone without it

    • Alistair

      You said something quite interesting that I agree. About toning down make it more like dynasty warriors. And mediocre.

  • Alistair

    So the logic is this.

    By toning down a game it makes people want it that Never bought or play a ecchi game before aka for a wider audience right.

    While losing others by boycotting the game and Dev sure it makes fucking sense.


  • Alistair

    Oh dear boob man you have no idea how it works, do any fucking censored of a game prepare to take a massive hit of sells.

    Marvel and playboy found out the hard way when their sells SLUMPED.

    Just by hinting at it disgusts me, why do you consider, no no no.

    I smell a fucking cop out. Did some-one pressure you to say that like good old PlayStation life.

    If you so concern about the moral judgement then quit being a Dev or continue doing ecchi games you can’t be both.

    Who wants a half tone down ecchi game?

    • It just goes to show you how much influence and power the Western SJW press have.

      It’s not even about the money anymore, as with the case of certain Western developers like Bioware. It really does seem that they’re placing SJW ideology over money. In other words, they’d rather spew feminism and virtue-signal even if it means alienating gamers and causing low sales of their video games.

      • They really are simply trying to take away our games.

  • Disqusted

    “It might be worth killing ourselves.”

    And yes, mainstream translators tend to be crap.

    I’ve never gotten into the Senran Kagura series (still feels kinda doujin-ish quality to me) but if they start bending over to Soros, they can f**k right off.

    I feel like I know the name RyanoftheStars, but not sure from where. Reading that link about someone trying to get into his accounts. Sounds like Soros’ Anti-GG are still busy harassing gamers.

    Back when GG first blew up, I tried looking up Japanese sites to see if they were covering it. I found 2ch threads and I think a 4gamer article that basically just regurgitated and relinked what the mainstream was reporting (ie. lies and slander), which was disappointing. Japanese people usually know their mainstream media is full of shit, though.

    When I searched in Chinese, I found Chinese sites that covered the facts in detail, although I don’t know if that was a mainstream site. Anyway, I’ve told close Japanese friends about it, and all of them seemed to have very negative views of feminism to begin with anyway. They see it as selfish (which it is). You can’t have “equality” if you only focus on one side’s woes. OBVIOUSLY.

    I remember hearing about the female fans cheering males and treating females like shit. Fujoshi are nasty. People seem to think it’s just guys, but girls can be just as obsessive over their idols, or worse. Also, Konami can f**k right off.

    Ryan is right about the US/West being offended at every slight superficially related thing, and being incapable of distinguishing the difference between basic concepts. It’s like they’re literally looking for things to get upset about, isn’t it?

    Whereas Japanese/Asians tend to be more intelligent, and have better depth perception/understanding, which is probably part of why they don’t fall for stupid Soros mind virus bullshit. It doesn’t work on people with brains, or with real hobbies that give more meaning to their existence than bullying others.

    I was talking with a Japanese friend yesterday about how Westerners are quick to label and group things despite lacking basic knowledge on the matter, and often turn everything into an issue of “you’re either with us or against us”, where they force people to pick one of only two sides, like they are always looking for a fight. It really shows how simple Western thinking is.

    I also talked to another friend about how the West seems to be filled with people who pick a side for whatever reason, and then want it to win no matter what. They don’t care about what’s actually happening, or what horrible things their side is doing. They just want to be on the winning team, and hate losing. I think that says a lot about how shallow people in the West have become.

    “Our side rapes and kills babies, kids, women and gays? That’s nothing, Trump has orange hair! What a buffoon! And muh Russia!!!”

    • Disqusted

      So I happened to talk about the Western censorship thing with another Japanese friend earlier. She (I suspect it’s a she, but I didn’t ask) told me that even Japan has started being concerned about little kids being exposed to manga depicting overly scantily-clad girls.

      She said Japan has been leaning more towards relying on schools and authorities to teach kids about those kinds of matters, when parents should be doing it. Isn’t that how humans used to do it for tens of thousands of years? Passing down knowledge from parent to child.

      People in the West have been relying on schools and authorities to teach their kids that stuff for a long time now, right? Probably explains a lot. I hear that some Western governments will even take your kid(s) away if you try to home school them. It’s like Hitler youth all over again.

      • People in the West have been relying on schools and authorities to teach their kids that stuff for a long time now, right? Probably explains a lot. I hear that some Western governments will even take your kid(s) away if you try to home school them. It’s like Hitler youth all over again.

        Yeah, it’s bad in the West. They’ve eased up a little on home-schooling… probably because according to some old stats (almost 20 years ago, mind you) there were more kids graduating and going to college who were home-schooled than kids attending public schools. There were also higher aptitude levels from kids in lower-income districts who were home-schooled compared to kids in lower income districts who attended public school.

        Go figure… your kid turns out smarter and more equipped for the real-world when taught by parents *gasp*

        However, I imagine the gov wants more kids in public schools to better indoctrinate them, especially with the SocJus agenda on the itinerary.

        • Alistair

          I always thought schools are run by SJWs over there NA, because have you ever notice on YouTube vids or critics on games being from NA.

          The woman went off her rocker when a man just said hello, the woman that told a lryt driver about that Bobblehead being offensive both are From USA.

          you don’t see much UK SJWs vids but I’m sure there a few but I haven’t found one yet.

          • tajlund

            The schools in NA have been thoroughly taken over by the SJW crowd for years. In fact all the way back to the founding of the federal education system. Read up on John Dewey, he was the original twisted mind who came up with the idea to indoctrinate. They are the root from which the poison flows. Indoctrinate early and keep it going with the whole “you must go to college to succeed” BS, and you have a machine for churning out SJW’s for all eternity.

      • I was told the following weeks ago by someone in a Skype chat who claims he lived in Japan, so I don’t have any citations. But it does fit in with what you said:

        I heard that there’s an initiative from Western feminists to get Japanese female students who are studying overseas in the West to adopt the ideologue of feminism and take it over to Japan to slowly integrate it (basically try to raise awareness and create academic/educational courses for it).

        Apparently, the same tricks are being used – telling these Japanese female students how “oppressed” they are, how sexy female characters in video games causes body health issues for girls/women, contributes to “sexual harassment of women”, how the Japanese female gravure/idol industry is “sexist” and “degrading”, etc.

        It’s apparently been going on for months now, and is supposedly being funded by a sub-section of the UN Women. It all comes from Japan’s declining birthrate statistics, in which the Western feminists have used as the excuse to blame Japanese titty video games, JAV porn, gravure, hentai, etc. for it. They are using these reasons to try and make the Japanese government believe it, in the hope of getting said material banned/censored. And it appears to be working.

        The person on the chat claims he saw it in a popular mainstream Japanese newspaper, which had the statistics and listed the rough financial data on how much is being applied to the initiative. Unfortunately, by the time I asked him to provide a scan or evidence of the article, he had already left the chat. And because he was a friend of someone else who I didn’t really know, I don’t have his username on my Contacts anymore.

        But it does fit in with what your Japanese friend said to you about this issue. I’m willing to bet that it’s come from Western SJWs and feminists.

  • “…it might be worth considering having features that differ depending on where it’s being sold.”

    “That way it might be able to sell better in certain regions where it would be problematic to have that kind of content.”

    “However, there are also reviews that ignore the games due to the sexual
    content, and write it off from the start, so those aren’t very helpful.
    If you’re going to write it off due to a main component then that game
    just isn’t for you, and that review isn’t really useful as feedback.”

    Time for the “muh based Japan” brigade to start getting worried now?

    Because judging from the quotes, the Japanese developer doesn’t sound too based to me.

    Also – Playstation Lifestyle. Are they SJW feminist cucks?

    • Also – Playstation Lifestyle. Are they SJW feminist cucks?

      Not sure. I hope not.

      • Disqusted

        They’d have to change their name to “Femstation Cuckstyle”.

      • Mr.Towel

        They seem to be on the aGG side of the fence by some snide remarks I occasionally see on their articles and the comments from users they like to highlight, but so far I have not seen censoring going on. So yeah, they might be cucks but their heads are not that deep in their asses to go on about policing their community.Their comunity itself is about 50/50. GG people and people complaining about GG people.

        Maybe their community it’s too small to start shooting themselves on the foot. Might be just a question of time.

        • Disqusted

          Well, they can f**k right off then. Cuckstation Bigotstyle.

      • I just wonder because asking the developer if he’s going to consider toning down the series seems a little SJW-esque to me (I’ve not read the full interview yet).

        I’m not sure if this is true, but someone told me that a female interviewer (forgot the video games media she’s from) asked the developer of Nier Automata on why androids wore high heels. It was a loaded question to bait him into making a “misogynistic” remark, and I was told that he answered the question well.

        Anyway my point is that you can always tell the bias and ideology of an interviewer judging from the types of questions he/she asks.

        • That’s a good observation and very true.

        • Disqusted

          Good point. Although I guess GG would be concerned about censorship and ask about it too. I probably would.

          That high heels thing sounds more like a loaded question, if it was asked out of context without any other queries over the design choices.

          Actually, high heels feels like the norm for attractive female (and sometimes male) designs, so it’d be pretty weird to specifically ask that.

          Edit: Meant to write “concerned”, but wrote “considered” instead. Need more sleep 🙁

      • Alistair

        If they put that kind of question then they must be one.

        It like asking idea factory and compile heart to start censoring their games again even though they said they won’t be.

        As a other commentator said, any hint of tone down censorship.

        I’m done with that dev by boycotting them.

      • Smug

        I just got banned there for talking back to the mod about his warped view of “freedom of speech” lol

        • Well I guess that answers that question then.

    • Playstation Lifestyle does likes to constantly ban people like gematsu does so I would say yeah.

  • LG

    How legit is Marvelous Entertainment when it comes to up holding their statement(s) regarding keeping content in Senran Kagura?

  • Migi

    Even the smallest hint of toned down or any sort of censorship means a no buy from me.