Spider-Man Homecoming Video Exposes SJW Elements
Spider-Man Homecoming

A lot of big-budget movies lately have been adopting the multiculturalism and diversity agenda being pushed heavily in Hollywood, and one of those films is Spider-Man: Homecoming. Before going to see the movie, there’s a video floating around that discusses how much and how bad the SJWism is in the film, and whether or not it’s something that’s tolerable.

According to the YouTube channel No Bullshit, he claims that while on the surface it looks like a forced diversity crap-show, he claims that all the actors play their roles really well. He notes that Tom Holland, for the most part, is one of the only few white kids in the cast. Warning, there are spoilers discussed in the video below, so don’t watch it if you haven’t seen Spider-Man: Homecoming yet.

He further claims that all the diversity didn’t detract from the quality of the film, save for the pudgy Indian kid cast to play Peter’s arch rival, Flash Thompson. He also claims that Zendaya did a good job as Mary Jane, even though she wasn’t actually playing Mary Jane but a completely different character named Michelle. However, the hiccup in facts had the comment section absolutely livid about Zendaya playing Mary Jane Watson, even though she isn’t.

The video proceeds to talk about how there’s an actual overt scene where a black guy is given a white guy’s job in one scene, but he justifies it by saying that it was done for comedic purposes and so he was okay with that.

And while the No Bullshit channel may have been okay with the diversity and the changes, his audience most certainly was not.

Many of them called out the channel for being a traitor and an SJW in disguise, and that the channel was secretly supporting white genocide.

Some people weren’t quite as livid about the multiculturalism as others, but were just thankful that they didn’t make Spider-Man gay, as evident by the top comment in the thread.

Obviously, we know what one half of the people thought about the film, but what about the other half?

According to the comments, there were plenty of minorities defending the video, claiming that Queens in New York is actually quite diverse in real-life and that the film accurately reflects what the borough is like. Others defended the movie, but not the video, claiming that in the movie Zendaya isn’t replacing Mary Jane, and therefore it’s not blackwashing. However, some were angered that her initials were “MJ”, even though she wasn’t playing Mary Jane.

Something the comment section didn’t dwell on much was another segment near the end of the video. The video highlights a comment about the Washington Monument being built by slaves – a comment made by Zendaya’s character after she refuses to go inside. In the video he claims that the comment is played off for laughs when the teacher and the guard at the monument weren’t sure if it was actually true or not. According to the video, it was the only major SJW comment that he could remember.

No Bullshit rounds out the piece by claiming that Spider-Man: Homecoming is how multiculturalism should be depicted in film, and that the filmmakers avoided being too overt with their attempts to be Social Justice Warriors.

The channel is known for being highly anti-SJW, and he was one of the outspoken pundits against films like the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot.

Nevertheless, the channel supporting multiculturalism and diversity in Spider-Man: Homecoming did not sit well with viewers or his audience. It definitely makes you wonder if the word will spread about the SJWism in Spider-Man and affect the long-tail of its theatrical run? The blatant SJWism and media promotion of Ghostbusters (2016) was definitely enough to kill that movie dead in the water.


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