Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Video Reveals Inferno Squad’s Del And Hask
Star Wars Battlefront 2

A new behind-the-scenes video was released for Star Wars: Battlefront 2. The behind-the-scenes clips explains more of the story, as well as the role of Iden Versio and her role as the commander of the black ops group, Inferno Squad.

The four minute clip delves lightly into the backstory of the Inferno Squad’s three main characters, one of which is played by Arrow’s Paul Blackthorne.

You can check out the clip below.

Blackthorne plays Hask, a dedicated and patriotic member of the Imperial forces. He’s Iden’s right-hand man in the Inferno Squad. T.J. Ramini is the comedic relief of the three, playing the character Del.

The two male co-leads will accompany Iden in her journey to get revenge against the Rebels.

EA and DICE have already revealed that the Inferno Squad will be “betrayed” and that they will also seek “redemption”. Most people assume this means that they join the Rebel Alliance at some point in the story. We know for a fact that Iden does meet with Luke Skywalker at some point in the game’s campaign mode, and we also know for a fact that DICE and EA have revealed that Luke Skywalker will be playable in the game’s campaign mode as well. This has led some people to believe that Iden eventually joins the Rebels and during that span, you get to play as Luke at some point.

Of course, the campaign mode will also allow you to play the heroes/villains from the new era as well. How that all fits into the campaign hasn’t been revealed yet.

Former IGN reviewer Mitch Dyer is on the writing team as a co-lead alongside Spec Ops alum Walt Williams. This has led some people to believe that Dyer’s SJW tendencies and advocacy could leak into the game’s story.

Right now it’s hard to tell exactly how good (or bad) the campaign mode for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will be, but we’ll find out once it releases on November 17th, 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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