Street Fighter 5, Counter-Strike eSports Events Air On BBC Three
Street Fighter 5
(Last Updated On: July 29, 2017)

Prepare for the censorship banhammer. Capcom, Valve and Psyonix have signed deals with the BBC to have their games Street Fighter V, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rocket League to be featured on the Gfinity Elite Series e-sports event on the BBC Three over the weekends.

This is part of a new initiative to help put e-sports in the mainstream spotlight once more, following close on the heels of EVO signing a deal with ESPN to have EVO’s Top 8 finals to air live on ESPN 2, which has been a thing now for two years running.

The news was recently published over on the official BBC website, where some hip-jive talk was used throughout a news piece to appear “in” with the e-sports crowd.

The seasonal tournaments will air on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday evenings. Throughout the season, each Friday things will kick off with Street Fighter V, while Counter-Strike will air on Saturdays, and Rocket League will air on Sundays.

According to the BBC, this isn’t just a short-term thing. They’re attempting to turn this into a franchise of sorts, and elevate the competitors into superstars, stating…

“Conceptually, the series is shooting for something that’s never been done before – a pathway from pubstar to superstar. All players are contracted, some have quit their jobs, others have moved into org-owned team houses, some were Challenger contenders a matter of months ago. This is the real deal.”

The series doesn’t really play host to familiar names from the Japanese, South Korean or North American FGC circuits , but BBC and Gfinity are hoping to turn some of these new faces into familiar faces.

One thing that the FGC has voiced concern about is censorship.

Two years running EVO has aired on ESPN and two years running Street Fighter V characters have been censored in some capacity for the broadcast. First it was the curvaceous R. Mika having her default costume censored for the on-air broadcast during EVO 2016, and then it was Cammy having her thong leotard censored during the EVO 2017 finals.

The FGC may have to keep an eye out to see if there are “broadcast standards” put into place regarding the female attire that can be aired live on the BBC Three for Street Fighter V. If Chun-Li ends up being censored at some point, then it will complete the trifecta of having the three main females from Street Fighter V forced to cover-up on live television.

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  • Galbador

    I wonder if Sexy Ryu is allowed or any other half-naked MALE character, because naked men are not naked. They don’t have tits, ergo they get a free pass.

    Gosh, I so want to beat their double standards with a bat out of them!
    I so want to do it!!!

  • Disqusted

    Header image sure looks like it has funky body proportions. She’s like a caricature.

  • Mr.Towel

    Considering the british “right”, the Tories, are resurrecting puritans from the Victorian era, expect disqualification if a character shows too much ankles.

  • John27

    If Rashid is beaten by R. Mika, BBC will ban the show for islamophobia.

  • What’s more important to Capcom, the money or their own integrity?

    Censorship it is.

    • Also, the BBC are the one of the most absolute leftist SJW feminist companies you can get. BBC3 in particular is the channel for the younger hipster audience, and it spews SJW cancer.

      Therefore, the FGC who are voicing their concerns about the censorship do not have a chance in hell.

      • Disqusted

        BBC are liars who have been caught multiple times protecting pedos and all sorts of other terrible shit.

        But people still want to believe they are “reputable”, or whatever they describe as the most trustworthy journalists or some shit.

      • RichardGristle

        BBC is essentially CNN: Europe.

    • Disqusted

      Capcom doesn’t care about anything. They hate everyone and everything.

    • Galbador

      They lost their integrity virginity a long time ago, Jim. The bitch is pregnant and the child is a communist.


    eSports is a mistake.

    • Disqusted

      Trying to make 2 year olds the target demographic of everything is a mistake.

    • Definitely.

      Before it even happened I knew straight away that if video game tournaments becomes mainstream, the politically correct parasites will control what can and cannot be shown.

      And this is exactly what is happening now.