Tekken 7: Eliza’s Barefoot Bikini Mod Removes The Horns
Tekken 7 Eliza Mod

A little tired of playing as Eliza with those giant horns sticking out from the sides of her head? Well, there’s a mod for that… assuming you have the PC version of Bandai Namco’s Tekken 7.

Modder bbbSFXT managed to put Eliza in a bikini, remove her sandals, take off her necklace and strip her of the rose. Oh yeah, and he also removed her horns.

The buxom villain now looks like she comes right out of Dead or Alive instead of Tekken. You can take a gander at the goods with the screenshot below.


If you want to spruce up your version of Tekken 7, simply grab the 7Z file from the DevianArt download section, which is just to the right of the image. It’s only a 341KB download since it basically rearranges some details on the mesh but doesn’t actually change the mesh into something new, otherwise the file would be a heck of a lot larger.

Of course, gamers who saw all that fleshy pink skin of Eliza couldn’t help but find themselves tempted to query bbbSFXT about the one thing that graces most peoples’ minds when they think “PC” and “Modding”. What about the nude mods?

Well, for those of you there who are puritans at heart and feel as if the human body only truly deserves to be naked during birth, during showers, and during those special visits when you were a kid into the priest’s private “cleansing” chambers, then you’ll be pleased to know that bbbSFXT doesn’t do nude mods.

Now if you believe that the human body was designed as a work of art, and should be praised, celebrated, and jacked off too often, you’re probably more disappointed than when Brad Pitt told George Clooney he was marrying Angelina Jolie instead of switching teams.

Anyway, Tekken 7 is available right now. Modders have managed to get some texture mods to work and are currently still tweaking with the meshes and working through the complexities of adding and removing content to the game. It won’t be long now before the grandaddy of all Tekken 7 nude mods hits the net.


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