Thimbleweed Park Coming Soon To Nintendo Switch
Thimbleweed Park Nintendo Switch

Lead developer on Thimbleweed Park, Ron Gilbert, recently posted up a 43 second video featuring live gameplay of the retro-themed point-and-click adventure game running natively on the Nintendo Switch. This was followed up by a tweet claiming that there would be news coming soon for the Switch version of the point-and-click game.

The game centers around a dead body with two FBI agents investigating odd circumstances surrounding the death, a nerdy girl who wants to become a programmer for a faux company themed after LucasArts, and a vulgar clown not really looking for redemption. Just like Maniac Mansion – another game that Ron Gilbert worked on – there are multiple roles and perspectives for players to explore in Thimbleweed Park.

The 42 second video for the Nintendo Switch version obviously doesn’t explore the more mysterious elements of the game’s narrative and characters, but it does give you a brief glimpse of how the game can be played on Nintendo’s hybrid console. You can check out the video below.

I was really hoping it would be possible to move the cursor on the screen via the Switch’s touchscreen controls, but it looks like you’ll be stuck using the analog sticks instead.

Maybe before the game actually releases they’ll add touchscreen support?

I also wonder if there will be any gyro control or HD rumble support as well?

Regardless, according to Gilbert there will be multiple console announcements coming soon and it’s likely that the game will not only be arriving on Nintendo Switch but also maybe the PS4 as well.

At the moment the game is available on mobile devices, on Steam, and on Xbox One.

Fleshing out the platform roll-out to include the PS4 and Switch could help easily boost the reach and appeal of the game.

Thimbleweed Park is available right now on PC for $19.99, and if you’re into games like Hugo’s House of Horrors or Maniac Mansion, you’ll be right at home with Terrible Toybox’s title.


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