TinyWars Dev Diary Highlights Inventory System, Tower Building Mechanics

Developer Bizurk Software recently rolled out a developer update for their upcoming game TinyWars, a chibi-anime style tower defense strategy game for PC, iOS and Android devices. The game has been in development since the middle of 2015, and they’re steadily moving along toward a public release.

The update centers around the game’s inventory system, and how players will pick and choose items before a match begins to best help aid them during their match.

The video detailing the inventory system is quite short, but you can check it out below.

If you aren’t familiar with TinyWars, there’s also a video from a short while ago showcasing how the game’s real-time, tower defense strategy mechanics work.

Players will have the main characters stationed around a stage where enemies will walk through maze-like scenarios and players must ensure that the enemy is defeated before reaching the center. It reminds me of the Star Fox Defense mini-game that accompanied Star Fox Zero. You can check out the video below.

One thing that sort of stands out is the music. The theme and soundtrack is actually a heck of a lot better than I thought it would be for a game like this. There’s a demo reel of some of the songs featured on the soundtrack that you can listen to below.

The premise centers around some young maidens going out on an adventure to save their kingdom. The inhabitants are tiny little people living in a world ravaged by war. The dark theme around the story is offset with the game’s bright and colorful aesthetics. Hopefully the game will offer enough of a challenge for players who adore the art and music but also want something to keep their interests high. There’s also a demo available of the game if you wanted to try it out for yourself.

You can learn more about TinyWars by visiting the game’s official website.


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