Twins Of The Pasture, Sexy Farming RPG Launches In Late July
Twins of the Pasture

An adult-themed, sexy farming sim from Dieselmine called Twins of the Pasture is scheduled to release in late July on Steam for PC. The game’s store page recently went leave and you can check that out over on the official Steam portal.

The game sees players in the role of Kurore and Aluka. The two sisters are left their parent’s farm and must go through the daily grind of keeping the animals fed, cleaning up the farm, planting vegetables, and maintaining the property. It’s a slice of life game like the typical Harvest Moon titles but with a very naughty twist.

In addition to handling all the farming stuff you’ll also have a variety of risque, adult-themed situations for the sisters to encounter that results in some rather erotic encounters.

The game doesn’t treat the nudity or sexual content as anything other than additional gameplay elements. Players will encounter said elements as they go about their business in running the farm.

I suppose for gamers who enjoy titles like Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon but wanted more sexy-time opportunities to present themselves, Twins of the Pasture is your go-to game.

Multiple endings, multiple story branches, and multiple characters to interact with will be present when Dieselmine’s farming RPG launches in late July.

It’s funny when you hear and see SJWs and feminazis constantly harping about male sexuality, sexy video games, and objectification, and men seem to be “noping” out of real relationships and getting their kicks (and their interactive thrills) through video games, VNs and mangas. The virgins in Japan don’t seem to mind, according to a report from the Japan Times. I mean, can you really blame them, though? Especially when this is what modern feminism looks like these days:

You can milk the cows come July by keeping an eye on the Steam store page.


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