War Of Rights Gains New Video Showing Alpha Gameplay

War of Rights is in an alpha state right now, but that doesn’t stop the devs from posting new videos of the 1862 first-person shooter game. Recently, the developers published a new series called “George’s Corner” that dives into unscripted gameplay for viewers to watch. War of Rights is slated to debut sometime soon for PC via Steam Early Access.

Hosted by Campfire Games Historical Advisor, George Crecy, the new series that publisher and developer Campfire Games will be hosting every Saturday at 8 P.M. EST features an unscripted look at the state of War of Rights alpha build.

The show is said to be centered around skirmish matches on the “WoR NA 1 Skirmishes” server with general social talks as well as tactics discussions on the “WoR NA 5 & 6 Union/CSA Drill Camp” servers before and after a match.

The host, Crecy, will be using the WIP cinematic spectator camera during battles to give viewers the best possible coverage of the action, which is featured in the first ever battle episode in the George’s Corner video below.

Before jumping into the video, sprinkled throughout the gameplay, historical facts will be present detailing what happened during that time and place. The video freshly published by War of Rights takes a look at the engagement at Bloody Lane.

If you don’t know, the developers behind War of Rights had to rewrite a lot of the code to upgrade the engine from CryEngine 3 to CryEngine 5, which consumes quite a bit of development time on other aspects of the game. Moreover, the 1862 FPS title is shaping up quite well given that it is an indie game in an alpha state.

If the devs can fix up the animations and characters in certain areas, they would have a really nice alpha build on their hands. However, I expect the beta version of War of Rights to address many problems present in the Alpha, which the full game should bring an even more polished version.

You can learn more about War of Rights by hitting up its Steam Early Access page or warofrights.com.


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