Warframe Open-World Update To Add Fishing, Weapon Crafting, Titans

Digital Extremes showcased some new gameplay footage for the upcoming Warframe update that features open-world maps. The update is called the Plains of Eidolon and it’s a heck of a lot bigger than you might have been expecting.

A 17 minute demonstration highlights the Tetus colony, a place that’s a bit different from the other maps in Warframe. Instead of running around, hacking and slashing things to pieces, you can walk around and buy things from vendors, and even craft your weapons that you can even name. You can see it in demonstration with the video below.

The demonstration walkthrough showcases the new questing system, where you can pick up quests from NPCs wandering around, and the new mission structures allow you to travel around and complete these missions, not unlike the way you pick up quests and go on missions similar to other RPGs like Dark Souls, Elder Scrolls or Kingdoms of Alamur.

According to the demonstration, it’s explained that there’s 3km of square space to explore outside of the colony.

Just about any place you can see, you can go there.

Unfortunately due to time constraints they aren’t able to venture to an outpost on the edge of the horizon, but they do introduce a new titan for Tenno to face off against.


The most promising new feature is the weapon crafting. Players will not just collect parts to upgrade and craft standard weapons on their ship, they’ll also be able to collect parts and craft all new weapons at the blacksmith’s shop.

The weapon crafting is a heck of a lot more in-depth than you might be expecting. There are different hilts, different blades, different ends, and different stats for each of the parts. Depending on how you combine them determines their strength, speed, and handling.


Additionally, you’ll able to walter the way your Tenno stands and fights depending on the parts that you use, creating an all new way to engage and fight enemies in Warframe.

And lastly, you’ll be able to name the weapon once you get done crafting it. I can already imagine that there will be cash shop items available to rename weapons, and they will make Digital Extremes a-bazillion dollars.


I haven’t played Warframe in ages, but this almost convinces me to dust off my Ash and Rhino and hop back into the game.

Anyway, expect this Plains of Eidolon update to generate a ton of buzz once it finally drops for home consoles and PC.


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