Weekly Recap July 1st: Former NeoGaf Mod Busted, VidCon Capitulates To Sarkeesian
Weekly Recap July 1st 2017

You could practically sum up the final week of June in 2017 as a week of cuckery and consternation. It was revealed that a former moderator at NeoGaf and a staunch anti-#GamerGate advocate and critic named Amir0x was busted and charged on tons of counts of possessing child porn. And if you think that’s bad, another anti-#GamerGate critic, Anita Sarkeesian, had the organizers of VidCon bending over and licking the feet of her progressive agenda like female dominated sadomasochists.

Sarkeesian hurled insults and vocal harassment at a quietly sitting Sargon of Akkad during her VidCon panel about women being harassed online, and the heads of VidCon apologized for her feeling intimidated by what they claimed to be her “harasser”. I couldn’t make this up even if Simon & Schuster paid me in Keksitan shekel bonds and the purple-dyed scalps of SJWs arrested for sexual misbehavior.

These stories and more in this July 1st, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Games Don’t Make Gamers Sexist

Another study going over a previous report indicates that video games may not actually make gamers sexist. Who would have thunk it? Unfortunately the common sense reports will likely stay buried as the hysteria and fake news continues to spread throughout the industry. A Metroidvania adult-themed game called Future Fragments explores a future where sex and relationships are outlawed, turning everyone into crazed, killer rapists. The Xbox One X is already getting off to a strong start before it has even landed on the market, with F1 2017 confirmed to run at native 4K at 60 frames per second. And Super Kinky, a game that originally crossed our radar back in 2016, will finally release to the public in early 2018 after graduating from Steam Greenlight and escaping the grasp of SJWs.


VidCon Cucks To Sarkeesian

The VidCon organizers apologized to Anita Sarkeesian after she harassed Sargon of Akkad and attempted to have him thrown out of the event. VidCon also took umbrage with people recording the panelists and criticizing them online, threatening to ban any YouTubers who do so. The Original Xbox will have backwards compatible games made available on the Xbox One, but they won’t be in plentiful supply, according to Microsoft.Ubisoft’s Guillemot family is now amping up their efforts to stave off the Vivendi takeover. And CNN had to fire journalists amid a controversy involving news stories they had to retract due to being fake news, which also comes at a time where a video reveals a supervisor producer admitting that CNN’s take on the Russia/Trump story is fake news.


Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Microtransactions Detailed

In case you were concerned that the free DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was just a cover so that Electronic Arts could milk the living crap out of the game with copious amounts of DLC, well your concerns were valid. The microtransactions for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 can boost performance and combat prowess and they give you some pretty ample upgrades over your opponents. CNN’s Van Jones has continued to paint CNN has an incompetent mainstream news organization, claiming that the whole Russia thing is one big “nothing burger”. There’s a list of seven games for mobile devices that are actually story-driven and could be considered high-quality. And the developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are still investigating the potentiality of cross-platform multiplayer.


Former NeoGaf Mod Arrested For Child Porn

One of the most heinous things a person could be caught with is what a former NeoGaf mod was caught with: child porn. Amir0x was arrested and charged on dozens of counts of being in possession of child pornography, with kids aged between 4 and 14 years of age. He claimed that he needed the child porn to help cope with some personal issues. On a less serious note, a whole bunch of U.K., PSN accounts got auto-banned by Sony due to chargebacks from PayPal due to claims of having hit the limit of their GDP account. The issue is slowly being resolved, but a bunch of U.K., gamers really got royally screwed. And IGDA executive editor and anti-#GamerGate critic Kate Edwards stepped down recently. Unlike other peers and associates of the IGDA, Edwards managed to resign without any salacious scandals surfacing.


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