Weekly Recap July 22nd: Destructoid Fires Jed Whitaker, Alex Mauer Drama, Ataribox
Weekly Recap

What an action packed week of news. Things kicked off with Destructoid, Ars Technica and Kotaku getting into hot water over their biased reporting on the Alex Mauer DMCA drama, with the usual suspects attempting to cover for the trans composer. The facts clearly point to Mauer being in the wrong, but the game journalist rings have decided to attack the developers and YouTubers instead. Thankfully Destructoid and Kotaku updated their articles after getting scolded deeply by their community.

On the lighter side of news, rumors have popped up for an N64 Classic Edition micro console, and Atari also revealed some details about their own micro console known as the Ataribox. Oh yeah, and Destructoid fired Jed Whitaker. These stories and more in this July 22nd, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Destructoid Faces #GamerGate Over Alex Mauer Debacle

Destructoid is back in the news, this time involving the whole Alex Mauer DMCA debacle, which has spawned all sorts of criticism about the lack of ethics exhibited by the site. The site’s publisher, Niero Gonzalez, has stepped in to deal with the backlash involving some one-sided reporting. Cammy’s default outfit was censored from being on display at this year’s EVO 2017 Top 8 tournament that was broadcast on ESPN. Speaking of EVO, the official EVO Japan 2018 line-up was revealed, but a certain Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite was missing from that line-up. Beautiful Doom has released for the age-old FPS, this time with upgraded graphics and effects. And Doctor Who’s upcoming season sees it replacing the typical male lead with a female lead, and SJWs are claiming victory over the patriarchy.


AtariBox Is Coming Soon

Atari’s new AtariBox is aiming to compete with the Steam Machines, prepping to release in two different versions and designed to play new and old games alike. Kingdom Hearts 3’s development was actually set back by a whole year due to the team having to switch over to the Unreal Engine 4. Beyond Skyrim is getting a new mod that takes players to an all new location. We have up a review of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. The U.K., plans on banning any adult website that doesn’t adhere to their new age-check ID system by April, 2018. And Mass Effect 3’s Casey Hudson has returned from the grave to lead BioWare into the new frontier under EA’s guidance.

Randy Pitchford Wants To Make Borderlands 3 More Like Borderlands 1

News about Borderlands 3 has surfaced, and it appears as if Pitchford wants the game to be more like Borderlands 1… for better or for worse. The highly anticipated Dark and Light has entered into Early Access on Steam, giving gamers a mix of physics-based combat and construction and multiplayer survival and taming elements to boot. There’s a new fan-made project called Super Mario 64 Maker, which allows you to create Super Mario 64 levels and content. You would probably do well to get the thing before it’s hit with multiple cease and desist letters. And former WWE pro wrestler CM Punk actually sent some kind words and sentimental encouragement to e-sports superstar PG Punk after he came up short at EVO 2017 this year.


N64 Classic Edition Come Arrive

There’s big rumors surrounding the possibility of an N64 Classic Edition after images and entries for a N64 controller was spotted on the EU IPO site, and now everyone is thinking about what could be added to the N64 Classic Edition line-up. Nintendo has also continued to trip and stumble in the monthly NPD competition against Sony due to stock shortages, as the Switch lost out in June against the PS4 thanks to the Gold PS4 Slim taking the crown. Matt Furie, the creator of Pepe the Frog, wants to take back Pepe and ban and censor anyone from using him for what he and others perceive as “hate speech”. The German USK ratings board has triggered some people into getting suspect of their intentions after they began following and supporting extremist activist Jonathan McIntosh. We have up a review of the PlayStation VR game, Archangel, and Destructoid finally managed to fire Jed Whitaker after he called the audience “pedophiles” for liking Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni.


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