Weekly Recap July 8th: CNN Blackmail, More VidCon Drama, SJW Comic Censorship
Weekly Recap

This was an action-packed week of nonstop drama. There was the resurfacing of a 2016 VidCon video featuring Anita Sarkeesian revealing that criticism does not equal harassment. There was a comic book aimed toward the progressive crowd that ended up getting censored because SJWs complained that it was too graphic, and CNN decided to blackmail a Reddit user for posting a meme featuring Donald Trump beating the crap out of CNN… WWE style. These stories and more in this drama-filled, July 8th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


VidCon Reveals Anita Lied

So Anita Sarkeesian claimed in her blog post that Sargon and the other YouTubers harassed her just by making videos. This was in response to the VidCon 2017 incident where Sarkeesian called Sargon a “Garbage Human”. Well, it turns out that in a VidCon 2016 panel, Sarkeesian claimed that simply making videos criticizing someone isn’t actually harassment. Busted. An awesome new game called Fight Knight is in the works featuring medieval combat in a first-person environment that works as a dungeon crawler. Explaining the game is tough but you have to check out Fight Knight because it’s awesome. And Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s single-player DLC is still on hiatus, and it doesn’t look like the DLC will be releasing anytime soon, if ever.


SJWs Get Comic Book Cover Censored

Social Justice Warriors caught wind of a comic book cover depicting a Pakistani mad mutilated and lynched over a sign. They attacked the artist, the comic book and the comic book company, claiming that the art was disgusting and despicable. The company, Image Comics, capitulated to the outcry whims and whines of the Social Justice Warrior community, and censored their comic book after apologizing. The Jak and Daxter collection is set to arrive on the PlayStation 4 sometime soon, likely in August or September. Red Dead Redemption is currently playable on the RPCS3 emulator, which is making great headway in making PS3 games playable on PC. Criminal Girls was banned in New Zealand for “justifying” and “normalizing” rape. We’ve got a review up of Micro Machines World Series. And it doesn’t look like Call of Duty: WW2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch.


CNN Blackmails Kid To Keep Silent

CNN has reached an all new low by blackmailing a 15-year-old into apologizing and staying silent. The situation has escalated to national levels, with CNN coming under fire from everyone, including a U.S., Congressman who has argued that they have crossed a line in blackmailing a U.S., citizen to stay silent. On a lighter note, there’s an updated sex mod for Rimworld that adds monster girls to the game. Real tasty treat for weaboos. YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites will be fined nearly $60 million if they don’t censor “hate speech” within 24 hours. Nearly half of all Steam users are rocking 1080p monitors, and less than 1% of Steam users have a VR headset. And speaking of VR… not all VR-ready GPUs are actually VR ready.


Engadget Defends CNN’s Blackmailing Attempt

Engadget has taken to defending unethical journalism by claiming that CNN did nothing wrong by blackmailing a Reddit user and threatening to dox him if he didn’t stop trolling and posting memes of President Donald Trump beating the ever-living-crap out of CNN. Microsoft will be implementing the option to gift games to friends soon through the Xbox Store, but they don’t say when… just that the feature is not far off. Layton’s Mystery Journey was recently announced for mobile devices and the Nintendo 3DS, and it features Professor Layton’s daughter Katrielle. The PlayStation Experience is set to take place this year in Southeast Asia in August, and Firefall has officially shut down this week.


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