Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Season Pass Focuses On Diversity
Wolfenstein 2 Season Pass
(Last Updated On: July 31, 2017)

It should come as no surprise that fighting Nazis means that it gives the developer a perfect opportunity to toe the proverbial SocJus line. MachineGames didn’t hesitate to hop all in on the Social Justice train with the new DLC they have planned to roll out for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus this fall.

Over on the official Bethesda website, they announced that the Freedom Chronicles Season Pass will be available for $29.99, separate from the $59.99 purchase of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.

The season pass grants you access to three separate stories featuring three separate characters that you will be playing throughout the DLC campaign. It includes the black former football star, a Latin ex-OSS secret agent, and a World War II captain.

The poster reveals the three playable characters, two of which definitely hit the token diversity checkboxes.


The first mission involves playing as the black, former quarterback for a football team, named Joseph Stallion. You play him from the city streets of Chicago all the way up into the deep trenches of outer space.

The second mission involves Jessica Valiant, a stealthy assassin who must infiltrate the Nazi bunkers in California to stop their secret Operation San Andreas. Just to check an extra notch on the diversity manifest, she’s even missing an eye so they can nab minority, female and disabled. They might even score even more points if she’s a lesbian!

The last mission actually features a standard hero in the form of Captain Gerald Wilkins, he’s actually a soldier that must fight through Alaska to stop Operation Black Sun.

Piling on the whole multiculturalism and diversity angles is no mistake. MachineGames creative director Jens Matthies revealed to The Verge that they weren’t trying to make the game a contemporary think-piece on current day politics, but they still couldn’t “resist” the urge to slip in references to current day politics, saying…

“On some level, of course, everything that you experience influences you, right? But it’s not really how we approached the game. Our vision of the game is to create something that’s timeless as a piece of art, even thought that sounds pretty pretentious. … I don’t think you can really do that if you’re doing sort of an ironic commentary on society. I think it has to be something sort of more universal than that.”


“Every once in a while, you can’t resist slipping a joke or two about the state of the world,’”

MachineGames and Bethesda are already receiving praise from the usual Liberal media outlets for their progressive take on an alternate reality of World War II where the Nazis have won and taken over the world. While most Social Justice Warriors would be angry that a game would have the Nazis win, MachineGames used this opportunity to focus the story on a multicultural group of diverse heroes featuring men and women fighting against the Nazi regime. Long gone are the days where B.J. Blazkowicz was allowed to be the lone hero.

You can look for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus to launch on October 27th this fall for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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  • Galbador

    And even those guys fell towards SJWs. Fuck the world, where is my rock. I wait until the bomb was dropped, then I come out and laught at all those losers.

  • Alistair

    hmm I dont Know If It shoehorn diversity as It not part of the base game but a option If people want It.

    matter of fact that maybe a good way they doing, what if they do the opposite and have those in the base game.

    if the DLC is sell each I would buy the woman and the captain so i wont be accused of not being unbalanced.

  • durka durka

    I liked the previous game for what it did, the expansion was good too. Now BJ has turned into a cripple and they put communism and 3 dlcs with a expensive season pass that you dont even play as bj? I thought the next wolfenstein will be even more over the top, instead of that they using this as a power fantasy trip against some Trump nazi state that they get nightmares about when they sleep.

    The combat is still solid but i did not find the cutscenes dialogues and characters to be as good as the previous game. Now they tell me that we get to play as 3 diffirent characters in a wolfenstein game? Wtf is this trash?

    • It’s like Doom without the Doom Guy.

  • Raging Papist

    I… still… want to like it…

  • Brad Davis

    Eh, I will still get the game, but hold off on the DLC till reviews come out; Machine Games earned goodwill from me from how well The New Order and The Old Blood turned out.

    Now if the reviews say indeed hamfisted SJW leaning jokes are prevalent in the DLC, then I won’t be getting the DLC.

  • totenglocke

    Guess what game I won’t be buying…

    • Brad Davis

      Assassin’s Creed Origins? ;p

  • Disqusted

    Sounds lame. I’ll be busy playing games by Asian countries that aren’t desperately obsessed with multicultural diversity because they have more important priorities than trying to destroy their own society by causing nonsensical conflict by creating divides between cultures and races.

  • Aaaaand just like that, my excitement for the game plummeted. I can’t trust the people in charge to keep their game clean anymore, as it appears all too easy for them to say, “Hurr durr, Drumpf is President and he’s Hitler lol”, or some other unfunny joke that was tired out before it was even conceived.

  • fnd

    lol “Joseph Stallion”. I guess video games is where people grow to believe trannies make for good soldiers.

    • Brad Davis

      Actually, I thought it was more of a hammy/campy B-movie take (which Wolfenstein feels like) of giving characters pun-names… in this case, Joseph Stallion being a joke play on “Joseph Stalin” aka the Russian dude responsible for the USSR who first worked with, then ending up fighting against Nazis.

      Edit: Hell, even the spy chick’s name is a joke on TWO levels… her last name Valiant means “brave”, so obviously she is a courageous bad ass super spy. But her full name Jessica Valiant seems to be a nod to the famous movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” as there is a femme fatale heroine in that flick named Jessica Rabbit and the detective helping Roger is Eddie Valiant (coincidentally, details about a canceled prequel movie to Roger Rabbit would’ve taken place during WWII, where Roger saves his future wife Jessica who was being used as a propaganda figure by the Nazis).

  • Mr.Towel

    Hah, I knew it. Since the game was shown at E3 I knew it would have a SJW vibe.

    As long as they can hold their tongue and do a proper job I’m okay with it.

    That’s a high call for a SJW however. I’m not holding my breath.

  • John27

    Meanwhile, in the real world, Nazi freedom-fighters, led by a supernatural frog, are waging war against an evil oppressive totalitarian SJW army bent on world domination.

    • Raging Papist

      Ride never ends.

  • Gorgon

    Gonna have to give them a benefit of the doubt, mostly because of their track record and because what Jens Matthies said didn’t sound all that SJW. That and “Joseph Stallion” did make me chuckle.

    • Brad Davis

      As a fan of good movies, I got a chuckle from “Jessica Valiant” (seems someone over at Machine Games is a fan of Who Framed Roger Rabbit lol).

  • Gozu Tennoh

    So long as shes hot and the the other dudes are cool, its all good.

  • Grey

    Unless the quarter back starts talking about how black lives matter or the female sniper makes some stupid joke about only getting 77 bullets for every 100 male soldiers get, not sure I’d really label this one a diversity band wagon.

    Maybe on the most superficial level, but “badass black guy” and “sexy sniper lady” (and generic soldier dude) are pretty standard action-entertainment cliches.

  • s_fnx

    Is there even a single AAA game in current year that doesn’t have a diversity quota?

    I just want games to be free of politics again is that too much to ask?

    • durka durka

      …….ehmmm ghost recon wildlands….because you got grunts killing cartel thugs.

      • Yeah but there’s the typical “diverse” squad going to kill cartel thugs. It’s not like the typical old Ghost Recon games consisting of a group of soldiers that seem like real soldiers.

  • Daniel Ream

    The Disqus plugin appears to be shitting up the page layout again.

    • This was one of the most annoying bugs I’ve ever encountered. It should be fixed. Let me know if it’s still messing up.

      • Daniel Ream

        Looks good now.

        As for the actual topic – come on. The Man in the High Castle and Fatherland are things which exist. In what batshit insane Nazis-won-WWII future would there be black people, let alone black people who were allowed to be sports stars? Do these people not remember Jesse Owens? (Yes, yes, I know, neither millenials nor SJWs know shit about history)

        The female sniper’s actually not too far off reality; sniping is historically an MOS women have done quite well in.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Honestly, this kinda works. Now, if they are doing it solely just to hamfist diversity into their game, then yeah that’s a problem. But, the Captain guy is white so they might not be doing it solely for diversity sake.

  • Dead Jester

    If these side characters are met in the base game and are actually interesting, I’ll buy. If not and they’re just boxes to be checked off, I’m definitely not buying. More because the DLC seems to have nothing to do with the main character, BJ, than anything else. I like New Order and enjoyed Old Blood, so I’m not going to spit curses at them just for having a colorful cast.

    • Brad Davis

      I’m in agreement with ya, as I will give Machine Games the benifit of the doubt given their (so far) solid track record.

  • MusouTensei

    Actually quite clever “You want this diversity crap? Give us even more money than you already did!!!”
    Considering the scenario it’s not too unrealistic, unlike Activision’s PoC nazis.

    I don’t buy DLC nor their games so it doesn’t bother me too much, just gonna borrow the game from my brother like the 1st one.

  • lucben999
    • Mr.Towel

      Damn, they have a total lack of self-awareness.

      Or apparently punching nazis isn’t “real violence”.

    • descent3031

      Holy shit, there are nostrils that are less on the nose than this line.

    • durka durka

      Hey man i know one thing, in nazi occupation there werent any muslims blowing stuff up. If they were they would be able to understand that they also promote a diffirent way of thinking and thats prefectly fine.

      Joking aside though the nazis are right, you shouldnt have any sympathy for terrorists jihadists, commies or antifa….or they win.

      Hmm makes you wonder how people would view nazis if a muslim nation joined in, lets say turkey.

      In case you dont know there was the German-turkey non agression act that made sure these two would not fight eachother. But the nazis liked the turks because of their nationalism and authoritarianism.

      You can go ahead and read the sypnosis of the book here


      The nazis had good relations with the turks, nowdays Erdogan is accusing the west of being nazis to deflect argument by using the “muslim” card. But everyone ignores that Hitler copied his ideas from Kemal Attaturk and socialist italian Benito Mussolini.

      It is amazing how many things we DONT KNOW about nazis and socialists that are infact destroying the arguments of all those leftist authoritarian groups.

  • Bamf

    This doesn’t really bother me.

    Call of Duty having black, female Nazis….that’s dumb.