YouTube, Facebook Face €50 Million Fines If They Don’t Censor Hate Speech
Internet Censorship Law
(Last Updated On: July 4, 2017)

A new mandate from German’s parliament called Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz Law, or the Network Enforcement Law, passed last Friday on June 30th, 2017. The law sees a €50 million fine looming over the heads of social media organizations such as Google, YouTube and Facebook if they don’t censor hate speech within 24 hours.

According to Reuters, it would equate to nearly $57 million in USD if either company fails to remove content reported as “hate speech” within 24 hours; fines of up to €5 million could be issued if a representative for the company fails to comply with the request by the NetzDG law. According to Justice Minister Heiko Mass…

“Our experience has shown that unfortunately, social media companies do not improve their procedures without political pressure,”

This is an extreme measure employed by German that takes things a step further than what Google, Facebook and Twitter implemented last year as a means to combat “fake news” and “hate speech”. The companies already vowed to censor hate speech within 24 hours, but now there’s a financial stake on the line if they don’t do so.

Philip DeFranco questioned if this would mean parodies and satire would also fall victim to this? He cited examples such as the PewDiePie jokes that the YouTube content creator made last year that saw him on the receiving end of a smear campaign by the mainstream media.

The U.K., Conservative party proposed a similar measure, where they put together a manifesto of censorship of the internet and its content, all in a bid to “protect the children”. The U.K., however, focused more-so on hate speech deemed as bullying and adult content such as pornography.

Disqus has also implemented measures to curb “hate speech” as well, taking measures to censor users with shadowbanning tools in order to prevent the spread of ideas that they deem harmful.

According to Business Insider, Facebook is surprisingly not on board with this measure by Germany. Facebook had previously made a public statement about the matter, saying…

“It would have the effect of transferring responsibility for complex legal decisions from public authorities to private companies. And several legal experts have assessed the draft law as being against the German constitution and non-compliant with EU law. Facebook is committed to working in partnership with governments and civil society on solutions that will make this draft law unnecessary.”

DeFranco mentioned that Facebook is bringing on 3,000 new hires to comb through content and remove potentially offensive material as they work to comply with the new law.

Earlier this year Facebook global deputy chief privacy officer, Stephen Deadman, mentioned that private companies and the government shouldn’t become censors of the internet…

“We want everybody to be safe. We also want open and free internet with a variety of content. We also don’t want companies to become the [censors] of the internet, or governments for that matter.”

No word yet on if blocking and censoring content will be limited to German IPs or if Facebook and other social media networks would be forced to remove the content for everyone.

Some argue that there’s no real clear line as to what explicitly defines hate speech in some instances, and worry that this new law could be used to squelch legitimate news or censor content that the government doesn’t want people to see.

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  • What on earth

    “there’s no real clear line as to what explicitly defines hate speech”

    This is exactly the problem. Add to that the german government trying to force a private company to make legal determinations that should be made by a court? All this is, is censorship of ideas that might make some people uncomfortable, which are the ideas that are in most need of being preserved

  • What on earth

    “there’s no real clear line as to what explicitly defines hate speech”

    This is exactly the problem. Add to that the german government trying to force a private company to make legal determinations that should be made by a court? All this is, is censorship of ideas that might make some people uncomfortable, which are the ideas that are in most need of being preserved

  • Hu Flung Dung

    Anyone who think they can sensor the whole internet must be deluded.
    Research needs to be done to see and how much “hate speech” is transformed into pain, physical or mental pain.
    The ratio between the amount “hate speech” to the amount of physical violence, or mental and emotional abuse brought on by said “hate speech”; I would be surprised, would be as much as 1% of physical, mental, or emotional violence.

    Stick to stopping online bullying, because online bullying causes way more damage than “hate speech”. Also it comes down to suppressing peoples opinions, and “free speech” , thats one of the main things Americans love their country, even though they dont think anyone is a free as US citizens, unless is was directed to them.

  • epy

    Germany can’t help itself. They MUST fuck shit up. Problem would fix itself if FB and Google just blocked access from Germany. Imagine how much the germans would rage at this. The government would be forced to backtrack in a few months. But nope, cause FB e al are just as interested in censoring and controlling speech as Germany is.

    • VersVlees

      Seriously this. If a country is subjecting your business to such idiotic demands why would you bother. (yeah I know loads of money and give me that dosh)

      but yeah FB and Google should just do that. Just say fuck it were gonna block access to our services in your country. Go bitch at your government.

    • durka durka

      Pretty much.

  • MusouTensei

    It’s impossible to be proud to be german these days, fuck this country.

    • durka durka

      Imagine being Greek, you cant be proud, you cant make any money due to unemployment and you cant say anything against illegal migration because the left will destroy you.

      Or how about being slovakian, no one cares about you and you do what Germany says while having to loan to the Greeks who are richer than you.

      Or better yet being Estonian. So much work and effort put to rebuild the country and organize it digitally, while having to spend all your money on weapons to defend yourself from Russia yet everyone looks at you as some non existant country they never heard off and has a communist past.

      How about Malta? No one cares about Malta,. Malta is nothing and ofcourse if you criticize the Eu you get mocked by the state.

      • MusouTensei

        The EU really only cares about the big ones, but of course wants to force everyone to apply when it comes to duties. I’m pretty proud of Poland for standing against it so far.

  • Mr.Towel

    Heavy fines for political speech? Hah, it seems Nazi Germany is back!

    They only don’t like to be called Nazis anymore.

    • Richard

      Now they’re “Antifa”.

  • Alistair

    On a different note, I got my Facebook set to privacy on, in fact that may change now. Because if we flood Facebook of ecchi content and hentai content of game footage.

    What will go and what will still.

    They take on extra hires to filter out content. Ah indeed a further attempt to dismantle very little freedom of speech and expression even further.


  • Alistair

    With that long tounge twister the law name should be considered as hate speech because I can’t even say it.

    Besides what consider a “hate speech” is the 64 million question.

    Well according to regression SJWs it is a very broad from trivia name calling, hurt feesfees, Racist, misogyny etc etc etc.

    And yes even statire is among the above list. As it pokes fun of serious topics.

    But the thing is no-one to my knowledge has even gone though the courts so to debunk them.

    One example Anita and her white knights would never say calling out Sargon of Akkad is harassment, if she was to end up in court with Sargon.

    The court would dismiss it very Very quickly because funny enough sitting down everywhere quietly isn’t a crime. Front, middle, back.

    Only retarded cunts would make the case that Sargon was to blame even though he was just sitting there.

    I say Anita and her white knights are harrashment, they bullied everyone to they thinking.

    And end up name calling You.

  • ThyPancakeConsumed

    Ex-fascist country being fascist. Oh the irony. I have question for man himself (Billy) or anyone with similar experience: can naziland go after you as well or its just big players that are targets?

    • Uncle Joey

      People have been sued and arrested for so called “hatespeech” ( for example) before, not just big cooperations are being held responsible.

    • The law specifically targets organizations that can facilitate hatespeech across social media. While technically this discussion forum could be considered social media, we don’t have wide public/global reach like the other media networks, so smaller private organizations wouldn’t be affected unless some form of what they deem “hate speech” went viral, and they were contacted about the content.

    • durka durka

      see the problem with Germany is that they are educated on the whole nazi thing and made to feel guilty. Which makes them cucks but also causes alot of people to say “lets move on already” Germany has neonazi terrorism, something that no one else has. It still exists. I dont know if this can be fixed by the goverment keeps taking measures but it only makes things worse. On the other hand if you ignore all of this, sooner or later Germany will find itself in another reich. Why i believe that? Because they always manage to amass alot of power and they dont know what to do with it. Then due to to their competitiveness they manage to destroy the competition and essentially ruin their own economy since you can oly get so much money from everyone else before they cant give you anymore. Without a steadly flow of money their economy wont last the huge debts they got, so it will lead to another reich. Am not sure if importing more muslims will fix this or not.

      • Germany has neonazi terrorism, something that no one else has. It still exists.

        Isn’t Donestk dealing with that, too?

        I dont know if this can be fixed by the goverment keeps taking measures but it only makes things worse.

        It’s a conundrum: if you censor Nazism people inclined to find out more about it will do so, and it creates a rebellion among the populous just because they’re told they can’t learn about it/see it/practice it. However, if you leave it alone to fester, it grows again and you have another 1930s Germany on your hands again.

        On the other hand if you ignore all of this, sooner or later Germany will find itself in another reich.

        I don’t know… times have changed. North Korea could nuke ’em from orbit, and unlike back during WW2, China is now a superpower that could curb stomp them if they posed a threat to their global export monopoly.

    • What on earth

      Liberalism is the new fascism

    • What on earth

      Liberalism is the new fascism

  • durka durka

    This censorship has gone too far. Pewdiepie censoring his raging yet the video still gets demonatized. Some small youtuber i am watching who almost never swears was sent messages by youtube telling him not to swear.

    Seriously wtf are you doing? Pretty soon the only content that will be allowed in youtube will be beauty bloggers.

    Such a large market and they gonna censor it for what? Tv? No one watches tv anymore.

    “called Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz Law,”

    The name is just as easy to pronounce as each memeber state of the EU agreeing with eachother on pretty much…anything and passing those things into law….meaning that this law will never be implemented in the EU because no one agrees on the most basic things let alone something as dense as that.

  • We should have put an end to germany during WW2.

    • durka durka

      and on turkey in ww1.

  • Kiryu

    Hatespeech=speech libtards disagree with.

  • Disqusted

    Not much to say on Germany. They are well under Soros and Emperor Merkel’s thumb. Laughable seeing Fartbook and friends pretending to care. They’ve already been happily censoring and manipulating everyone for ages.

    Speaking of “hate speech”, I heard CNN went too far on hunting down the Trump wrestling meme guy HanAssholeSolo and threatened to dox him if he didn’t apologize, once again proving that the mainstream are the real bullies, and showing why we don’t need Trump’s tweets to hate the lying media.

    Just another of those “do as we say, not as we do” things.

    • mikebrand83

      I don’t expect it’d take much longer for CNN to join VICE in disabling website archival services, so they can more readily get away with retroactively changing their stories, after openly displaying their petty hubris.


      • Disqusted

        Reading up on it, it sounds like they published an article/statement basically saying they doxxed him to make an example of him and will dox anyone else who dares make “offensive” memes of CNN.

        These are the same people who bitch about morals, freedom of press, how awful doxxing is when it’s one of their own, and how they don’t have power or some shit like that.

        They also got caught lying about the order of events, but that’s what they do. Can’t expect better from narcissists who make a living slandering/gossiping and cherry picking. Oh shit, now I’m going to get doxxed and have to delete all my internet history.

        I’m thinking CNN did this either because they want to provoke a response from Trump, or because they pushed the narrative that the meme guy is a far-right extremist anti-muslim anti-semite racist hatemonger and needed him to delete his post history to protect that narrative.

        Even if the memeguy apologized first, the media was already bullying/slandering him before this blackmail. What if he came forward to apologize, knowing CNN would gloat about it publically? But CNN should have known that they would come out of this looking like evil aggressors no matter what.

    • durka durka

      The problem is not Merkel the problem is that there is objectively no one better than Merkel. SPD is basicly socialists, AFDE are a bunch of neonazis who have no experiance with politics or economy whatsoever and constantly fighting each other since all the serious people who funded the party on the basis of Germany being better outside the euro, have left the party. Die Linke, aka the far left are commies, the Green party say things that have to do with justyfing pedophilia and the neoliberal party…well…..they are pc cucks.

  • Hawk Hopper

    Europeans are backwards.

  • Amber_terasu

    This law also goes against human rights, yet this justice minister did not care about it. and by far as i know, what this justice minister sees as hate speech, is almost everything. including everykind of criticism.

    • mikebrand83

      Well, I suppose we can hardly expect the 4th Reich to respect Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

      • Amber_terasu

        4th Reich plus GDR 2.0 that is what the german government aims for.

  • anopolis

    unpopular speech is the only speech worth protecting….all this hate speech crap needs to die screaming in a fire. Bullies are a part of life, fighting is what we do best…..rather we used to…until sand crept up into our collective vaginas ……we should welcome opinions that differ from our own…its the only way to grow…and get the sand out of our pussy.

    • durka durka

      Am pretty sure when the likes of Putin, Erdogan and your random saudi prince backing jihadist mosques in europe decide to invade, kind language is totally gonna save us….and above all dont criticize muslims because its racist and dont criticize Erdgoan because it is against the law.

      Seriously these people dont understand what they are doing. They are bending over to the less civilized barbarians at the gate.