20XX Is Said To Be What Mighty No. 9 Should Have Been

Disappointed in the fiasco that was Mighty No. 9? Well, there’s a new Mega Man-like game out right now on Steam that channels the essence of the Blue Bomber in a 2D side-scrolling package, which goes by the name of 20XX.

Publisher Batterystaple Games and developer Fire Hose Games this week released their platformer 2D-action game on Steam: 20XX. Many fans were displeased with another game that hit the scene much like Mega Man that was Mighty No. 9, but this time around it seems that 20XX is hitting all the right chords as we speak.

Since its debut into Early Access, the new Mega Man-like game has amassed over 1,250 reviews that equate out to a “Very Positive” rating, which is really good for a game that has little to no marketing when it comes to promotional content.

As proof that the game has some merits behind it, is that instead of being filled with bots to bring it to the top-spot, actual fans detail content featured in 20XX and why it’s worth playing, much like user Rexxy:

“This game is really great. It has down the Mega Man X formula for movement controls down perfectly. The roguelike elements are fun but you can also play it with lives if you enjoy that. The music is really good, especially for the end areas.”

Many other Steam reviews accompany the above like user Gay, who displays the pros and cons behind the game that makes it basically what Mighty No. 9 should’ve been at release:

+ great gameplay, basically Mega Man X with permadeath and a ♥♥♥♥ton more replayability – tons of items (~100 augments, 4 armor sets [that each have a set bonus if you get all 4 pieces of the same armor] which you can mix up, 2 distinct playable characters with 4 weapons each), semi-random levels made out of pre-made level pieces, a bunch of game modes (dailies, weeklies, boss rush, being able to change a run’s seed) – there’s plenty more, but that’s just off the top of my head
+ absolutely bangin’ soundtrack
+ online co-op (which can get a bit wonky, but still)
+ al is the best robot in history of fiction
+ trading cards, emotes, backgrounds and achievements if you’re into that business
(+ the devs are dope – they were keeping up biweekly updates pretty consistently during early access and are often participating in the community)
+ lore, cutscenes, anythang you’d like

+/- the art style (it’s not yet another pixel art indie game though, so that’s a plus)
+/- for someone who sucks at platforming (such as yours truly), level 9 is absolutely brutal
+/- the plasma bender

Cons: (I’m really grasping at straws for most of these)
– a few bugs here and there
– the permanent upgrades section of the ship should have more options than just a simple toggle, methinks
– the tutorial doesn’t account for non-default keybinds (as I said, I’m really grasping at straws here)
– rollster above L6
– no mac/linux port (yet, that is – it’s gonna happen eventually)

The main gripes with the game is the rogue-like features nestled within that make the game a bit random and the fact that it can get repetitive at times.

Moreover, given that we don’t have a lot of Mega Man-like games on the market as of this moment really does warrant more games to explore the action 2D-platfomer genre. And with titles like 20XX, although not perfect, and the things that it does right over something like Mighty No. 9, will hopefully inspire developers around and about to create more fleshed out Mega Man type games in the near future.

If you are leery about the game, which you should be, you can check out two playthrough videos to shape your own opinion, thanks to YouTubers Yoshinator and Tetsuo9999 — who has a Zero mod skin installed.

More information on 20XX can be found by heading on over to its Steam page, which has a 20% off special going that drops its price down from $14.99 to $11.99 or you can hit up batterystaplegames.com.


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