Agents of Mayhem Scheherazade Video Unveils The Hijab-Wearing Muslim Ninja
Agents of Mayhem

Volition Software released a video detailing one of the final agents in Agents of Mayhem, Scheherazade. She’s a mysterious character who is a tactical assassin, and a hijab-wearing Muslim ninja.

Unlike the previous streams where the voice actresses were typically streaming from home, they managed to actually bring Scheherazade’s actress into the studio, Sharon Muthu. She adds a bit of commentary while they spend an hour talking about the character and her gameplay mechanics. You can check out the video below.

During the stream they reveal that they designed Scheherazade originally as a middle-eastern ninja. They started with a ninja wearing a burqa, and she was basically going to be a Muslim ninja.

They eventually began iterating to turn the burqa into a cape, and worked it into a hijab of sorts. For those of you thinking that the Muslim ninja is a joke… it’s not.

Agents of Mayhem - Assassin Concept Art

There used to be memes that SJWs wanted to turn all the girls from Dead or Alive into burqa-wearing Muslims, and in some way an incarnation of that meme has come true. The good part is that it didn’t affect the Dead or Alive franchise.

Dead or Alive: Social Justice Edition

Now the gameplay featuring the Muslim ninja doesn’t actually get underway in the live-stream until the 34 minute mark.

Technically, Scheherazade actually has some of the best movement animations in Agents of Mayhem. She plays a little bit like Ryu from Ninja Gaiden, moving fast and gracefully across the environment.

She has the ability to double jump in the air and scale the environment. She can also close the distance by using a teleport melee attack.

While she’s mostly a melee character, she does have shurikens that she can use at a distance for long ranged attacks.

All the devs on the couch say that Scheherazade is their favorite, and it’s kind of easy to see why given that she’s one of the only few characters in the game where her movements and combat are distinctly unique and her combat animations seem like something out of a Team Ninja game.

It’s a real shame that the entire game wasn’t centered around this character, because it’s the only character that’s actually interesting from a gameplay perspective.

A few more long-ranged moves, the ability to upgrade or loot additional swords, and a variety of missions that made use of her invisibility and parkour abilities could have been something fun to play. Instead, we get this mish-mash of a hero-shooter meets a stripped down version of Saints Row 4 and it just doesn’t look that fun at all.

If they stylized the graphics a bit more – gave it an inked outline; heightened the saturation and increased the contrast so the shadows are darker and the lighter tones are lighter; made a story based around Scheherazade, and actually made dynamic use of Neo-Seoul, they could have had something really interesting on their hands. Instead, they just have Agents of Mayhem.


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