Agents of Mayhem Scheherazade Video Unveils The Hijab-Wearing Muslim Ninja
Agents of Mayhem
(Last Updated On: August 4, 2017)

Volition Software released a video detailing one of the final agents in Agents of Mayhem, Scheherazade. She’s a mysterious character who is a tactical assassin, and a hijab-wearing Muslim ninja.

Unlike the previous streams where the voice actresses were typically streaming from home, they managed to actually bring Scheherazade’s actress into the studio, Sharon Muthu. She adds a bit of commentary while they spend an hour talking about the character and her gameplay mechanics. You can check out the video below.

During the stream they reveal that they designed Scheherazade originally as a middle-eastern ninja. They started with a ninja wearing a burqa, and she was basically going to be a Muslim ninja.

They eventually began iterating to turn the burqa into a cape, and worked it into a hijab of sorts. For those of you thinking that the Muslim ninja is a joke… it’s not.

Agents of Mayhem - Assassin Concept Art

There used to be memes that SJWs wanted to turn all the girls from Dead or Alive into burqa-wearing Muslims, and in some way an incarnation of that meme has come true. The good part is that it didn’t affect the Dead or Alive franchise.

Dead or Alive: Social Justice Edition

Now the gameplay featuring the Muslim ninja doesn’t actually get underway in the live-stream until the 34 minute mark.

Technically, Scheherazade actually has some of the best movement animations in Agents of Mayhem. She plays a little bit like Ryu from Ninja Gaiden, moving fast and gracefully across the environment.

She has the ability to double jump in the air and scale the environment. She can also close the distance by using a teleport melee attack.

While she’s mostly a melee character, she does have shurikens that she can use at a distance for long ranged attacks.

All the devs on the couch say that Scheherazade is their favorite, and it’s kind of easy to see why given that she’s one of the only few characters in the game where her movements and combat are distinctly unique and her combat animations seem like something out of a Team Ninja game.

It’s a real shame that the entire game wasn’t centered around this character, because it’s the only character that’s actually interesting from a gameplay perspective.

A few more long-ranged moves, the ability to upgrade or loot additional swords, and a variety of missions that made use of her invisibility and parkour abilities could have been something fun to play. Instead, we get this mish-mash of a hero-shooter meets a stripped down version of Saints Row 4 and it just doesn’t look that fun at all.

If they stylized the graphics a bit more – gave it an inked outline; heightened the saturation and increased the contrast so the shadows are darker and the lighter tones are lighter; made a story based around Scheherazade, and actually made dynamic use of Neo-Seoul, they could have had something really interesting on their hands. Instead, they just have Agents of Mayhem.

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  • Waifu Hunter

    i bet she is really good at cutting peoples heads off.

  • PizzaWolf

    What the fuck is with this love affair with hijab wearing? It is by every definition a symbol of oppression yet it’s being celebrated in media as some kind of virtuous thing. I cannot wrap my head around this concept… or maybe we can make bikinis a symbol of oppression somehow…

    • AR7777

      Probably Saudi dollars speaking through the media

  • Laytonaster

    Okay, no. Nope. Nuh-uh. Fuck this. What little modicums of goodwill I had, poof. Gone. Went “Fuck you guys, I’m going home.” I’ve watched plenty of anime and western cartoons with odd combinations that I’ve at least given the chance. I’ve had my fun making my share of monstrosities in the previous Saint’s Row games. But Muslim ninjas?

    And to put one more nail on this Social Justice coffin, Fate Grand/Order just came out with their own version of Scheherazade, and she ten times hotter.

    • RichardGristle

      Man, F/GO has the best darkies currently.

  • Feli Aslan

    Is this a South Park reference?

  • Disqusted

    Purple on purple, huh? They’ve never heard of contrasting colors, apparently.

    The concept art actually looks a lot better.

    Edit: Didn’t SJWs throw a fit over purple because Vivian James has purple in her outfit?

    Look at this bullshit that shows up if I Google Vivian James.

    Vivian James is the fictional everywoman of gaming. She wears a striped hoodie and drinks Mountain Dew Throwback. Her name is a play on “vidya games.” She’s a regular person who wears jeans and spends too much time on the Internet. And she was created out of spite by the historically anti-feminist gamers of 4chan.Aug 28, 2014

    Meet the Female Gamer Mascot Born of Anti-Feminist Internet Drama ……/meet-the-female-gamer-mascot-created-by-anti-feminists-828

    F**king liars. She was created as a character design for that game designed by a girl who won that game jam that ZQ tried to destroy, right? They always omit those facts. F**kin’ hate liars. Typical Vice, full of shit as always.

  • Galbador

    Wait, were is her bomb belt? That is so incorrect. But nice to see that PC is still a thing… an unnecessary thing, that needs to DIE.

  • Zufield

    Mudslime assassin chick. Okay, that’s kinda cool. Especially when you consider that assassins kinda originated in the middle east and shit.

    Other than that, it’s yet another character in Saints Row 5: ASSFAGGOTS Edition Agents of Mayhem. Still can’t bring myself to give a fuck about this game.

  • ParasiteX

    I bet she is a lesbian as well… Just how much SJW bullshit did the devs snort to come up with this nonsense?

    • Nah, I don’t think she’s the lesbian. There are a couple of others who are lesbians… but I can’t recall which ones. They mentioned it over the comms in one of the dialogue sequences. I think it’s that bull dyke Braddock, but I can’t remember.

      • ParasiteX

        Yeah, i figured as much. But i wouldn’t have been very surprised at this point if she was though.

      • James

        Daisy. The “pin-up model” on roller-skates with a minigun. Hollywood is a pansexual.

  • Pratim Gupta

    Hijab wearing muslim ninja, how much coke did i snort??

  • Jaxeh

    This is hilarious actually.oh boy if only one of her abilities is to blow herself to pieces that would be even better,

    • Imagine the amount of controversy that would’ve caused because of it. It would skyrocket the game’s sales.

  • RichardGristle

    Aaand dropped.

    • GuyGuysonEsquire

      >Implying anyone would pick this up

      • RichardGristle

        Oh you should check out the comments on that YouTube vid. Apparently this is the greatest game ever and the voice actress is the hottest chick in the universe.

        • LurkerJK

          that’s only on these videos that only completely insane fans and serial virtue signalers would actually watch, AND are being heavily moderated

          Watch any trailer that is not on an official channel and you’ll see a completely different trend in the comments

          • Yep. The channel owners can filter out comments containing certain words, have any “mean” comments shadowbanned, and negative criticism blocked. I’m not saying they’re doing this… but if you look at the official video comments and then — as you mentioned — read the comments on any other non-official video for the game, the comments rip it to shreds.

          • RichardGristle

            That’s actually good to hear then.

  • AR7777

    Disgusting, fuck the muslims.