Amazing World Of Gumball Mocks Social Justice Warriors
Amazing World of Gumball - Social Justice Warrior Sword
(Last Updated On: August 27, 2017)

Cartoon Network seems to have allowed some showrunners to go off the reservation and actually inject a bit of common sense into their shows. A perfect example of this is Ben Bocquelet’s The Amazing World of Gumball, which recently took some some completely unequivocal and hard-hitting shots at the Social Justice Warrior community in an episode titled “The Best”.

Youtuber first last posted up a minute long clip from the show, which features Gumball invoking the regressive Left’s talking points about gender, obesity and sexism. The minute long segment is part of a much larger arc dealing with SJWism but check out the clip below.

For a bit of context, Gumball actually isn’t a Social Justice Warrior… he was invoking the talking points as a way to get back at that annoying cactus for essentially micro-managing his behavior.

As a way to get back at the cactus, Gumball decides to utilize SJW talking points to shame the cactus and shut her up. However, it backfires when she decides to forgive him for attempting to attack her using his Social Justice Warrior sword.

The full 11 minute episode can be viewed below over on Daily Motion.

TAWOG – The Best by first-last4

Gumball comes up with his brilliant plan to destroy Carmen the cactus by plugging himself into “Rambler”, a fictional offshoot of “Tumblr”, and a website described as a “bare-knuckle fight to see who is the most tolerant person on the internet”.

Darwin goes on to say…

“Tolerance on the internet these days is more about destroying people in an argument.”

The writers really nailed it on that one.

The episode even took a dig at the whole SJW corruption angle when Gumball discovered that the self-righteous cactus actually had a checkered criminal past, identical to many male feminist SJWs in real-life, who turned out to be rapists, alleged sexual assaulters, actual harassers, pedophiles, and sexual predators.

The whole SJW movement has literally done nothing but increase tensions between genders, race-bait to the point where America is now moving back to a point where race relations are almost about to reach 1960s levels of aggression.

It’s nice to know that some kids programs out there at least know where the real enemy is, and they recognize that Social Justice Warriors are a true poison to developing minds.

You can watch the full episodes of Gumball over on the Cartoon Network website.

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  • anon9370

    Holy shit. Don’t be surprised when the writers get shoahed.

    • One of the writers of the episode was also the creator of the show… so if anyone got seat-serrated, it would come down from Cartoon Network.

  • ExhaustedSquid

    After just more or less giving up on CN with the shit they churn out now seeing something like this is refreshing and I was actually surprised that I laughed, mostly because as much as I dislike SJW behavior I actually dislike seeing it shown in cartoons only because shit writers hammer it in as badly as they do pro-SJW morals. Granted though, this show has always had a good way of making jokes and taking them to a good extreme where things are shown as being as outlandish as it is.

    And honestly, if you’re going to make fun of politics in a kids-themed thing this is how you do it. They didn’t over-explain shit or take far too long to say what a SJW is. All they did was point out just how shitty SJWs can be with their smugness and picking apart EVERY TINY LITTLE THING that harms no one. Shows have done this in the past before so its good to see that there are people who aren’t afraid to continue that tradition of making fun of moral guardians and ‘watch groups’ for how stupid they can be. And being Gumball, it takes the effects all the way up and shows how stupid it is to get angry about every detail in life. I loved it.

    Beetlejuice did something similar back in the 90s with a moral guardian fairy who changes the whole setting to be ‘safe’ but they beat her back NOT by reverting to their old selves. They beat her by doing EXACTLY what she wanted and not complaining, thus giving her absolutely nothing to attack them with and in the end she went nuts and had to be taken in by her own group because she broke the rules she set up. In other words, they beat the SJW by giving the SJW exactly what they wanted and they had nothing to ‘correct’ and prove she was right about.

    God, I miss when shows did this instead of being long-ass monologue bits for some shitty Tumblr fad.

  • Just so you know

    I like how many people miss the point of the whole entire video and just take the one part talking about SJWs. It is literally just saying that people use these “talking points” to score some sort of social points to being seen as better person than everyone. However, these talking points used by these social just warriors shadows of the voices of people who are actually facing these problems. They are just saying one type of SJW is wrong (Gumball’s), while the other type, more moderate and sensible version of SJW (Green Cactus’) is right. The show isn’t really saying “Social Justice Warriors” are bad. It is just saying don’t use these talking points to be a dick.

    • They are just saying one type of SJW is wrong (Gumball’s), while the other type, more moderate and sensible version of SJW (Green Cactus’) is right.

      “moderate” and “sensible”? Even Darwin acknowledged that while the green cactus was right, it was also smug. It wasn’t really moderate or sensible at all, it was a self-righteous busybody, so Gumball tried to go full Tumblr-tier SJW on the cactus, proving that the left are already annoying busybodies, but the far-left is even worse.

      They even hammered in the point that the self-righteous cactus was actually a louse and a criminal.

      • Endymion

        And a rapist.

      • Unlucky#

        Just so you know is probably an SJW trying to pull a ‘not all’ shit on us. The fact that the comment is anonymous would be telling.

  • Andrew C Eden-Balfour

    The ironic thing is that this episode also attacks anti-sjw’s as well, and nails it to a tee.

  • JoeSislack

    The tumblr bit is spot on gold. I’d imagine plenty of cartoon creators can’t stand that place and its hive of venomous snakes, and I’m glad at least the creators of Gumball have the balls to call them out about it.

    • RichardGristle

      I can imagine that most creators or proponents of free artistic expression aren’t huge fans of SJW hives.

    • ExhaustedSquid

      Sadly, that is where CN and Marvel gets most of their new hires from. IRONICALLY enough however, Gumball is made an ocean away with CN UK so there are a whole different set of rules going on there from what I can recall.

  • Alistair

    I just watch a clip of it was the cactus the SJWs or the one with the sword as in warrior.

    I hear the cactus saying you shouldn’t eat this and that, that typically a SJWs and the hugging part. I think it would be be if the cactus had the sword and not gumball.

    As for the cartoon and the creator he/she is So based and should continue to be allow to being a good cartoon show.

    And base Cartoon Network for being based to let it being Aired.

    Edit: Ah yes using his SJW sword, but she was one too that throw me for a loop. Got it now. lol 😂

  • Bamf

    Holy Shit. After seeing the exact opposite from crappy kids shows over the past many years, somebody finally has a brain.

    Good job 🙂

  • Kiryu

    And in the next episode they will mock BLM,Antifa.

    • Alistair

      I would love to see that if I had a TVs licence. But the is you have to buy the licence if you watch the other side that is not BBC.

      if you never watch the BBC but sky and Cartoon Network you still have to buy a Very dear licence of £144 approx.

      • Der

        You know you can tell those goons to pound sand, right? I’ve seen people do that.

  • s_fnx

    Inb4 SJWs cry about it on twitter and get the show cancelled as well as the writers fired.

  • I may not like children’s cartoons like this one anymore, but this really takes the cake. Cheers to the writer for making this episode to mock the people who decided to saturate their minds with radical ideology like the SJWs. Not only that it mocks these people, but it’s sending out a message that there are people like them in this world while on the internet calling for bans and censorship against the things that hurt their weak feelings.