Amazing World Of Gumball Mocks Social Justice Warriors
Amazing World of Gumball - Social Justice Warrior Sword

Cartoon Network seems to have allowed some showrunners to go off the reservation and actually inject a bit of common sense into their shows. A perfect example of this is Ben Bocquelet’s The Amazing World of Gumball, which recently took some some completely unequivocal and hard-hitting shots at the Social Justice Warrior community in an episode titled “The Best”.

Youtuber first last posted up a minute long clip from the show, which features Gumball invoking the regressive Left’s talking points about gender, obesity and sexism. The minute long segment is part of a much larger arc dealing with SJWism but check out the clip below.

For a bit of context, Gumball actually isn’t a Social Justice Warrior… he was invoking the talking points as a way to get back at that annoying cactus for essentially micro-managing his behavior.

As a way to get back at the cactus, Gumball decides to utilize SJW talking points to shame the cactus and shut her up. However, it backfires when she decides to forgive him for attempting to attack her using his Social Justice Warrior sword.

The full 11 minute episode can be viewed below over on Daily Motion.

TAWOG – The Best by first-last4

Gumball comes up with his brilliant plan to destroy Carmen the cactus by plugging himself into “Rambler”, a fictional offshoot of “Tumblr”, and a website described as a “bare-knuckle fight to see who is the most tolerant person on the internet”.

Darwin goes on to say…

“Tolerance on the internet these days is more about destroying people in an argument.”

The writers really nailed it on that one.

The episode even took a dig at the whole SJW corruption angle when Gumball discovered that the self-righteous cactus actually had a checkered criminal past, identical to many male feminist SJWs in real-life, who turned out to be rapists, alleged sexual assaulters, actual harassers, pedophiles, and sexual predators.

The whole SJW movement has literally done nothing but increase tensions between genders, race-bait to the point where America is now moving back to a point where race relations are almost about to reach 1960s levels of aggression.

It’s nice to know that some kids programs out there at least know where the real enemy is, and they recognize that Social Justice Warriors are a true poison to developing minds.

You can watch the full episodes of Gumball over on the Cartoon Network website.


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