Anti-Gamergate Critic, Stuart Campbell, Arrested For Harassment

Stuart Campbell GamerGate

Stuart Campbell, a pundit, former video game journalist, blogger, and anti-#GamerGate critic, was recently arrested on the grounds of allegedly harassing a woman in her 30s for the last two years.

The Scotsman is reporting that the woman came forward to inform police about the alleged harassment, which she claims took place for the last two years.

Campbell responded to the initial reports, claiming that all of the communications he had with the woman are still available on Twitter. His post defending himself was made public on August 21st, 2017 on the Wings Over Scotland website, where Campbell wrote…

“[…] the alleged events relate entirely to some tweets from our Twitter account, none of which have been deleted and all of which are still publicly visible.


“Nothing more sinister or serious than some tweets has occurred, or been alleged to have occurred. None of the tweets involved are in ANY way threatening, not even in a joking sense.”

Campbell’s run-in with #GamerGate includes a brief mention in a post on his Wings Over Scotland blog back on August 31st, 2014, along with a couple of tweets where he antagonized those using the GamerGate hashtag to bring awareness to corruption in the media.

The irony of Campbell being on the receiving end of the media spotlight for what he claims to be a story made for “maximum innuendo” and allowing for the “wildest speculations” on social media has bubbled up to the surface like the frothy white foam peeking its head out over the rim of a glass of beer.

Nevertheless, the Scotsman reports that the police are still looking into the matter, where the Metropolitan Police told them…

“On 18 August a man aged in his 40s was arrested at an address in the Avon and Somerset area on suspicion of harassment and malicious communications.


“He has been bailed pending further enquiries to a date in mid-September. Enquiries continue.”

Campbell joins other journalists and media personalities who have either aligned with the male feminist movement or the Anti-#GamerGate crowd, only to fall victim to the same things they’ve criticized #GamerGate for.

Recently, a Polygon content creator was fired for flirting on Twitter. Previous to that, an anti-#GamerGate journalist was arrested for stalking and harassing his girlfriend. Another anti-#GamerGate journalist was arrested and charged for multiple counts of rape. Another anti-#GamerGate critic and former moderator at NeoGaf was arrested for his collection of child pornography. And more recently, Hollywood director Joss Whedon was outed by his ex-wife for being a hyportitical male feminist, as he spent 16 years cheating on his wife with friends, co-workers and actresses, while recently proclaiming #GamerGate to be evil.

In some cases, there is an obvious lack of evidence regarding the accusations against the supposed perpetrators. For instance, in Nick Robinson’s case where he was fired from Polygon based on encounters that involved mutual flirting, there wasn’t much to support the claims that he was a sexual predator or engaged in sexual misconduct. Evidence of his supposed wrongdoing never surfaced. A similar situation happened with writer Sunil Patel, another anti-#GamerGate critic who was also accused of misconduct, but no proof surfaced. The accusations alone of Patel’s misconduct was enough for him to lose book deals with multiple publishers

In the case of Devin Faraci, claims of sexual assault were levied against him, and being a male feminist who must “listen and believe”, he admitted to the act even though he claims he didn’t remember. Faraci stepped down from Birth.Movies.Death over his admission of guilt.

In this case, it’s not clear if Campbell actually did commit actual acts of harassment toward the woman, or if it’s just another scenario where he was arrested based on baseless accusations.

(Thanks for the news tip Ian Miles Cheong)