Atari Partners With LGBTQutie To Relaunch Pridefest App
Atari LGBTQutie
(Last Updated On: August 16, 2017)

Part of Atari’s rebranding, relaunch, and reinvigoration on the market includes teaming up with social justice activist company, LGBTQutie. This is a steep turn away from the direction they were recently heading in involving announcements and a lot of interest and hype in their AtariBox, a hybrid computer-style game console that is still wrapped in mystery.

The announcement about Atari’s partnership with LGBTQutie involves Atari promoting the Pride parade by allowing LGBT Media Inc., to utilize Atari’s Pridefest app as part of the partnership, to relaunch it with LGBT-themed content. The app will allow users to design, decorate and customize their very own Pride parade.

So how did this come about? Well, according to Fred Chesnais, CEO of Atari, he mentions in the press release…

“”When meeting the co-founders of LGBTQutie, Rachel Kimelman and Jordan Weiss, it became clear that the team’s extensive expertise and relationships within the LGBTQ community would benefit Pridefest,” […] “We knew that joining forces with LGBTQutie was the best course of action to further develop and grow the game.”

For Atari it was about getting the brand back out there and attempting to reach as many different demographics as possible. They’ve even partnered with companies such as NECA and Audioware, hoping to cash in on the hype generated from the upcoming Blade Runner 2049.

For LGBTQutie, it’s about expanding the reach of progressive ideology to kids, teens, and young adults utilizing the mobile space. Jordan Weiss, the co-founder of LGBTQutie, a division of LGBT Media Inc., commented in the press release about their demographic reach, stating…

“Partnering with Atari will help us reach a larger audience and fulfill our vision of becoming the go-to platform for the LGBTQ community worldwide.”

This is all part of Atari and LGBTQutie’s goal to provide gamers with a “new standard for LGBT gaming”.

These kind of partnerships can be dangerous for a brand, especially during these turbulent times where sociopolitical affiliations can do more harm to a company’s public image than good. We’ll see how much this plays a role in the hype and attention Atari receives during their next unveiling of the AtariBox.

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  • Stormwatch

    co-founders of LGBTQutie, Rachel Kimelman and Jordan Weiss

    Those surnames sound (((peculiar))).

  • Alistair

    Every time I hear of the left or the LGBTQ I want to post up a rude pick from a ecchi game unfortunately this is from censored girls 2.


  • ThyPancakeConsumed

    Next up: anti-hetero and anti-having normal sex handheld with proper apps in stores near you just for 6969.99.

  • AR7777

    Atari 2600 was my first gaming system.

    When I heard they were gonna make something like a new system I was intrigued.Then I read it was gonna be crowdfunded lol.

    This brand has potential but in the hands of that french guy is dead

  • tajlund

    I backed a kickstarter for a smartwatch and got it with the Atari branding because I have a lot of fond memories from my childhood. Now, I guess I’m going to be walking around with a gay pride emblem on my wrist, ffs.

  • AlecJ

    The media and activist class pressure these companies into being “inclusive” or being on the wrong end of one of their media assaults.

    Look, i have no problem with something like this on its face, but i know its really just the initial step of a longer, malicious campaign against anyone who doesnt believe in cultural Marxism, and socialist economics.

    Atari probably hopes this will get the nuts off their back and quietly go away.

  • PizzaWolf

    Whelp, Atari just lost my interest and support. The ‘progressive’ agenda does not need to be furthered. It needs to be defeated and driven back. God damn it Atari, you were so close…

  • White Heat

    Atari just killed themselves….again. Anybody actually counted how many times they have gone bankruptcy ? AVGN said he lost count.

  • Sebas

    Behold! The first virtue signaling console that nobody ever asked for!

  • Disqusted

    Atari sure likes killing itself.

  • James

    And yet again, Atari shoots itself in the foot. I love Atari because of nostalgia, but dammit, these people can NOT stop sabotaging their own company. They have been hellbent on suicide since the early 90’s. And, of course, they’re even bad at that because they’re still here.

  • durka durka

    “pridefest” Well it has been a fest of gay prides lately, how can this be a bigger fest is beyone me

  • Darrin Downing

    Why does it matter what/whom I have sex with when it comes to playing video games?

    • durka durka


  • Not a really good decision from Atari…

    • Kiryu

      I’m surprised they still exist,thought they went bankrupt.

      • mikebrand83

        The brand name has changed hands a few times since the original company went under.

        Won’t be surprised in the slightest if this latest attempt to bring the Atari brand back into relevance fails just like all the previous times.

  • RichardGristle

    lol what is “LGBT gaming” and why does it need to differ from regular gaming?

    • EroBotan

      the difference is that they don’t actually play games 😛

      • Daniel Ream

        Well, I did a bit of digging. Basically the LGBTQutie app is a fusion of Facebook and Tindr for gay people; this partnership really doesn’t do anything except add Farmville gaming to the thing. It’s probably not a bad business move for Atari. The ROI is high, the customer base tends to be brand loyal and have a lot of disposable income, and it’s an insular market. The likelihood anyone outside the target community is going to notice or remember that Atari is associated with FaceGrindr is pretty low.

        Atari, like Betty Crocker or Cuisinart, is just a name on a holding company now. They only have 14 full time employees and they’re still in debt recovery. They haven’t got the chops to make video games any more.

        • Mr.Towel

          Cuisinart too? Sad world.

          On a PR level, Atari might also be gunning for the hipster domain. Retrofashion is a biggie inside the hipster community and Atari can be a great symbol for retro fashion. If they get out on good graces with the hipsters, they are sure to easily top on the charts of many big sites out there.

          Plus, they also have much disposable income, as you said yourself.

          • Kiryu

            You mean their parents have much disposable income?

          • Mr.Towel

            Yes, that, lol

    • Because it’s an agenda to indoctrinate, corrupt and abuse promote and teach children and young people about how wonderful it is being faggots and changing into the opposite gender. And how biology and heterosexuality is evil.

      Like Ben Shapiro (Conservative Anti-SJW) once replied to an LGBTQ professor, I paraphrase: “I don’t see how Leonardo di Vinci being homosexual has anything to do with his artistic talent and his achievements to the world”.

    • Migi

      that’s when you’re a LGBTQ member that is beating up a white male.for being white, While screaming racist slurs while also claiming to be the victim.