Batman: Telltale Season 2 – Episode 1 Walkthrough And Choices
Batman The Enemy Within

Telltale Games’ Batman: Season 2 – The Enemy Within has launched for home consoles and PC. Gamers interested in the second season and the carry-over stories from the first season might be inclined to check out a walkthrough covering some of the game’s choices and endings. It could help you out a little bit when it comes to playing through your own game of Batman: Season 2 – The Enemy Within and making sure you save the right people, and put Bruce on the right path.

The first episode isn’t too long, but if you need some help with it, MKIceandFire has a walkthrough that you can check out below featuring the full scope of the first episode, The Enigma, and the choices you can make therein. Check it out below.

If you don’t have a saved game to carry over, you can recreate the events from the first season to shape the scenario(s) into the second season.

The early goings of the game start with Bruce attempting to listen in on Mori’s conversation before things get ugly when the Riddler and his henchmen ruin the party.

You’ll have the choice of how to respond to the chick trying to chat up Bruce. You can lie to her or be blunt with her.

After a short fight scene, Bruce will contact Commissioner Gordon and then gear up. Part of his right ear is also missing, which must be from one of the choices you make in the first season.

Batman will use the drone to scout the floor and use the cashier room to launch his assault.

Players will have the choice of directing Gordon to either use tear gas or a frontal assault.

Fight through the QTE segment and then save the fat Asian man and Gordon like a boss.

You’ll need to scan the Riddler’s box and then talk with Amanda Waller.

You’ll have the option of working with Waller or not, if you choose not to then Waller will remember that.

The agent Avesta will also attempt to pry into Bruce’s psyche – your response will determine what she thinks of Batman.

Waller will also give Batman a threat about working with her. You can choose to respond or just grapple away.

While you scan the Riddler’s box you can also listen to some music.

Alfred will recount the traumas he encountered from the first season. You’ll have the choice of comforting him… or not. If you choose to show confidence in him he will remember that.

Bruce and Alfred will spend some time investigating into the Riddler’s past. The game seems to take a little bit of inspiration from the Fox show Gotham.

When you get done looking through the archives you can use the puzzle box and turn it into a disc. The riddle gives you a few options – you’ll need to select the “Eye of the Needle” and then take the disc over to the phonograph and use it on the record.

Bruce will need to talk to Lucius about the disc. Lucius’ annoying SJW-looking daughter, Tiffany, will intrude into the conversation.

You can choose to have her help decipher the Riddler’s puzzle or you can blow her off.

Lucius will try to convince Bruce to bring Tiffany into the fold once more if Bruce blows her off. If you choose to bring Tiffany in or deny her joining the team, Lucius will remember your decision.

Avesta will scrutinize Bruce and attempt to pry into him; you can either choose to respond in denial, or you can evade the questions cordially.

Lucius will contact Bruce about the Riddler’s puzzle box, but it will be too late and it will blow up. You will have a few choices in how to respond to Lucius, but the bomb will go off regardless.

During the funeral, you can tell Alfred how you’ll deal with the situation – he’ll remember what you choose.

You’ll also have a choice in how to deal with Tiffany. You can either tell her the truth that the disc got her father killed or lie.

If you choose to tell the truth it will break the relationship between Tiffany and Bruce.

The Joker will also be in attendance at the funeral. You can choose to be nice or mean to him. Your choices will affect your relationship with him – either making him more antagonistic with Bruce or more friendly.

Batman Season 2 Episode 1 - Joker

Joker will reveal that he hates the Riddler and wants Bruce to meet his “friends”. You can choose to either accept the invitation with his friends or deny the invitation.

Also, depending on how you tell the Joker how to address the Riddler situation will determine whether he takes a liking to you or not.

Before departing you’ll also have a choice in tracking Joker or not; if you add the tracker you’ll risk Joker finding out and becoming distrusting of you. If you don’t add the tracker you’ll have to rely on Joker getting back with you.

Batman will meet with Commissioner Gordon to talk about Gotham’s East End, which is where the Riddler is supposedly holed up.

Batman and Gordon will investigate the water tower, which serves as Riddler’s hideout.

Examine the dead body of the FBI agent. Link the safe with the body. Batman will figure out that they’re inside of a Faraday Cage to block communications going in or out.

Link the melted shoe on the floor with the heated floor.

Gordon will direct Batman to the Riddler computer. Link the computer monitor with the polarized window.

Batman Season 2 Episode 1 - Riddler Computer

During the Riddler’s game, turn the handle counter-clockwise. The riddle involves opening the safe with the “Hear No Evil” sign on it.

During the conversation the Riddler will reveal that Lucius was working with Batman, which will take Gordon off guard. You will have a choice in how to tell Gordon about Lucius. You can choose to lie, or tell him the truth about Lucius – your choices will change your relationship with Gordon. Telling him the truth will change the relationship, but Gordon will understand.

You’ll need to match up the audio samples to create a signal.

You’ll later have a choice to either interrogate Eli or Mori. If you interrogate Mori you’ll do so as Bruce Wayne but risk getting on Waller’s bad side. If you interrogate Eli, you’ll risk getting on Gordon’s bad side.

If you attempt to get negotiate with Mori you’ll have the choice of either taking the information about the Riddler by force or by paying him for the information. This is one of those defining choices for Batman.

Batman will then proceed to Riddler’s barge.

A few quick-time events will involve Batman beating up a few of the Riddler’s thugs before getting trapped.

The Riddler will make Batman play a game – if you answer the questions correctly Avesta and Batman will get hit with a sonic blast. If you answer incorrectly Agent Blake and the black man will die. You can either save the agents or save Avesta.

At the end, your choices will ultimately determine how Batman and Waller’s relationship will play out.

There’s also an alternate playthrough provided by RabidRetrospectGames, offering different choices and outcomes that you can check out below.

If you’re interested in the different endings for the game, GamerrZOMBIE has all the different endings from Episode 1.

For those of you who are curious about which choices lead to what outcomes, AFGuidesHD put together an hour long video going through each choices and each outcome so you can see whether or not it’s the choice you want to make for your particular playthrough. You can check it out below.


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