Blizzard’s Diversity Initiative Aims To Hire More Women, Minorities
Overwatch SJW

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Blizzard Entertainment is apparently adopting Google’s corporate policies when it comes to embracing “multiculturalism” and “diversity”. The company apparently has a new diversity initiative that will span the globe, seeing the company hire in more women and minorities to help balance out the representation within the company’s employment pool. is reporting that an internal company memo was obtained, which was outlined by Blizzard president Mike Morhaime, who stated that women leave the gaming industry at a much higher rate than men, and that they wanted to increase their diversity initiatives to help balance this out, almost like how they wanted to balance out loot in Diablo 3 real money slots by taking a route with the RMAH back in 2012.

Since minorities and women only make up for 14% of the work force, Morhaime and the rest of Blizzard will work with hiring managers and department heads in order to get more women into the fold, saying…

“”Our diversity initiative will require a commitment from every one of us, but especially from our leaders, managers, and hiring teams,”[…] “We appreciate your dedication to help Blizzard achieve this goal.”

Blizzard claims that they want to avoid diversity quotas, but the initiative is specifically seeking out women and minorities to be hired at the company.

Google has a similar hiring practice that they’ve been utilizing, even going as far as locking down speech, conversations, and internal discussions from people who don’t align with their corporate policies based on their sociopolitical ideologies. This recently came to a head when Google fired engineer James Damore for citing facts about the biological differences between races and sexes, and for claiming that Google enacts apartheid on Conservative ideals.

Blizzard has already been heavily pushing for multiculturalism and Social Justice viewpoints in their games, especially Overwatch. The company will now further push to integrate these SJW concepts into their employment ecosystem, which likely means it will greatly affect their future products as well.


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