BRINK Is Now Free-To-Play On Steam
BRINK Free-to-Play

You can download and play Splash Damage’s first-person, sci-fi, British-themed shooter, BRINK, right now… for free. The game is available at absolutely no cost, all you have to do is head to the Steam store page and click on the big, green, “Play Game” button.

Bethesda deciding to revive interest in the six-year-old game comes at an odd time, but not only did they make the game free-to-play (likely because no one was buying it anyway and they probably had nothing to lose) but they also updated the game so that you can host your own dedicated server, so if they decide to can this free-to-play experiment and shut off all support for good, those dedicated (or gullible) enough to invest any money into the game can at least still play on their own servers.

If you need help setting up and hosting your own BRINK server, you can download the step-by-step PDF here, or you can visit the Valve Software developer page, which features a complete textual walkthrough on how to setup your very own server for BRINK.

The game died an early death after it first launched. It just didn’t catch on. Also there was an over-saturation of FPS titles out back then and it just didn’t stand a chance to stand out. Call of Duty ruled back then as it sort of rules now.

The game itself at least tried a few new things. You created a character and was put into a series of campaign missions that were played online against other players. The story unfolded from two different sides, but did so through objective-based PvP matches, making each win (or loss) that much more significant.

Hands down, the game was not easy at all. As you can imagine, if you were with a good team of players, you could breeze through the story. If you were stuck with scrubs… well, you were stuck replaying the same missions over and over again.

The story is actually a lot closer to real-life world events than some people might recognize (maybe that’s why Bethesda made it free-to-play?) A bunch of violent refugees attempt to take over a habitat known as the Ark, and players can either choose to play as the violent and anarchistic refugees or as the police force required to put them down with extreme and necessary prejudice.

Again, I have to give Splash Damage props for at least trying something new with the game.

For anyone interested in the title, you can at least give it a try. It’s definitely better than most of the faux-diversity, virtue-signaling, identity-politics focused, and agenda-driven propaganda we’ve been receiving lately, and it will likely give you less of a cringe-inducing experience than that upcoming crap from Bethesda about Nazis.


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