Bushwick Trailer, Starring Dave Bautista, Channels The Purge
Bushwick Movie

Dave Bautista and Brittany Snow are starring in an upcoming indie action flick called Bushwick. This movie completely seemed to come out of nowhere but it looks like it could be an awesome little, high-impact, non-stop, intense thriller on the line of The Purge 2: Anarchy, 28 Days Later or Universal Soldier: Regeneration.

The film stars Brittany Snow who is in the borough of Bushwick, New York when Martial Law is declared and the city goes into lockdown as people are being publicly and openly executed. Snow ends up in Bautista’s abode where the two team up and attempt to navigate their way through bullet-laden streets of the city.

As I said, this looks like a tight little action-flick that gives Bautista some room to flex his muscles and shoot some guns. Check out the trailer below courtesy of One Media.

A lot of the comment section are saying that it looks a lot like The Purge. Maybe you could think of it as a prequel that led to the events of The Purge, eh?

As is usual with movies like this, there’s a lot of clearly divided lines. Some people claim this is more of Hollywood’s politically correct nonsense being propagated from within the indie movie scene. Others claim that this is kind of a “Right Wingers” dream movie come true since it looks like they’re exterminating a lot of minorities. Others were literally left questioning who they were supposed to be rooting for.

So long as the movie doesn’t get preachy, keeps its tone intact, doesn’t get goofy, doesn’t try to turn it into a feminist power-trip, or some sort of Hollywood propaganda piece, I think it could be okay. The cinematography and scope seem to take on a very grounded and fairly gritty feel, and if it can keep it that way from start to finish then it’s certainly something that might be worth adding to the collection.

A lot of people in the comment section want to see it because of Bautista… and all truth be told it was literally the only reason I clicked on the trailer in the first place.

The film is due for release on August 25th.


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