Capcom Fixes Chun-Li’s Face In New Marvel Vs Capcom Trailer; Details Game Modes

Chun Li Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Capcom killed two birds with one stone, releasing a press release that covers both more of the story elements and game features, along with a trailer that showcases their dedication to beautifying Chun-Li so she no longer looks fugly.

As you can see in the main image above, Chun-Li no longer looks like a SJW fanart on Tumblr. If you forgot what the old face looked like, you can view the image below.

The fixed face won’t be available out of the box, though. Her face will be repaired using a day-1 patch. At least they are fixing the face after they were ridiculed for making Chun-Li ugly.

Some theories were that Capcom wanted to make the Marvel chicks look better to improve their appeal, but most people just don’t care about the Marvel chicks the way they do Capcom’s girls. Let’s face it, it was the thickness and curves that was one of the only saving graces for Street Fighter V, and Marvel’s ladies just aren’t as curvaceous as the Capcom dames.

As for the gameplay… the press release covers the modes that will be in the game. First up are all the Offline Features, which includes Story Mode, Arcade Mode, Mission Mode, Training, Vs. Player 2, Vs Cpu, and Collection Mode.

The Arcade mode is the classic gameplay experience present in every fighting game except for Street Fighter V’s launch. Oh, Capcom learned their lesson with that broken, messy launch… they learned their lesson real good.

The Collection Mode is a database where players can check out all of the unlockables they’ve earned through playing the game, including character and stage information, concept artwork, character and stage audio tracks, along with cutscenes and story mode cinematics.

Online Features include Ranked Match, Casual Match, Beginners League, Lobby, Rankings and Replay Settings.

The first two modes are quite self-explanatory. The Beginners League, however, is a special league for any player Rank 14 or lower, so that you can still rank up and be considered a “real boy” without actually fighting against skilled players.

The Lobby, however, is designed for creating custom matches with up to eight-players. This is perfect for custom tournaments.

The Rankings mode is also fairly self-explanatory, where you can view the settings and replay options.

The story mode trailer was also released, which you can check out below.

There were some complaints about Ghost Rider, but he looks legit for as far as I can see. His voice is on point, too.

The theories about Capcom trying to further imitate the Marvel Cinematic Universe appear to be true, since Iron Man sounds like a poor imitation of Robert Downey Jr., and they’re working real hard to make the Guardians of the Galaxy seem cool.

Teasing some break-ups within the Avengers/Capcom mash-up over whether they should free Thanos or not is pretty typical. It would also be pretty awesome if Thanos ended up becoming the real boss of the game halfway through. I could totally see that becoming a thing.

Anyway, a lot of gamers still aren’t happy about Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.

Over on the official PlayStation YouTube channel version of the trailer, a lot of them are slurping up the creamy white juices of Capcom hype like good little fanboys. On the official Capcom channels, however, gamers are being real and vocal. If the general community consensus for this game carries over into sales, almost like it did with the pre-release hate for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, then Capcom can prepare their financial anus for a profit purging when Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite launches on September 19th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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