Capcom Ramps Up Street Fighter 5’s Sex Appeal With Menat
Street Fighter V
(Last Updated On: August 27, 2017)

Capcom unveiled the new season 2 character for Street Fighter V, Menat. She’s a sexy Egyptian themed character named after the mid-east goddess, and she has some really cool moves to boot.

She has the ability to teleport through opponent’s combos, reflect projectiles, and redirect attacks while throwing opponent’s off their game by mixing and matching normals with air attacks. Event Hubs spotted the minute and a half long trailer for the new character, which you can check out below.

Menat has the ability to start a combo, push an opponent away and then suck them back in to finish the combo off. Also similar to Zenyatta from Overwatch, she can use the energy orbs both defensively and as a way to zone her opponents.

Menat’s ability to transition seamlessly between standing and low neutrals with alternate combos that can be linked to her orbs makes her a dangerous character in the hands of a skilled player. I can easily see some players capable of creating some devastating damage loops if they learn how to master her right proper.

The real highlight of Menat is that Capcom still recognizes who pays to keep the bread and butter on their table of prosperity. They know that catering to the gamers who keep them afloat is a must, and so they introduced some of Menat’s alternate costumes, and it’s the sort of thing you would have expected from Mortal Kombat before NetherRealm went full SJW.

Street Fighter 5 - Menat Costumes

As you can see, Menat’s default costume provides some ample coverage, but her story costume goes a little bit off into sexy territory, giving her some bare midriff exposure and a little bit of cleavage on display. It’s her battle costume, however, that goes full sex-lord.

She’s wearing literally nothing but loose bandages around her naughty bits, leaving only the most sacred of her treasures to the uninhibited whims of a lurid imagination. It’s almost identical to the barely-there bandage outfit Mileena wore in Mortal Kombat 9.

Capcom decided to go for a sun-kissed caramel look for her skin, and put a bit more focus on the curvature of her hips over the boastfulness of her bust. Nevertheless, some of the artists there still know what gamers want, and thankfully they haven’t completely abandoned their roots. Gamers are pretty excited to get their hands on Menat on PS4 and PC come August 29th.

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