Conan Exiles: The Frozen North Will Feature 300 New Items
Conan Exiles The Frozen North

Funcom recently announced that Conan Exiles is getting a free update soon in the form of The Frozen North. The update will take players to a whole new biome, where players will be able to deal with all new weather conditions, new resources, new weapons, new enemies, and new hunting opportunities.

The North takes a lot of inspiration from classic Norse mythology, including frost giants, and a temple of frost, which is a new multi-level dungeon with a boss at the end.

The update also sports a new temperature system for those who experience extreme cold or extreme heat – with the player character reacting and responding to those conditions accordingly. They suggest stripping down when you’re in hot areas, and bundling up when you’re in cold areas. You can see some of the new outfits they have scheduled to appear in the game courtesy of the developer video below.

They’re adding in 300 new items to the game, along with new crafting tables that allow you to create new fish traps, new new beehives that you can use to capture bees and create alcohol.

Black ice reinforced stone and insulated wood are also being added to the game, which will allow you to keep out the cold while you build, craft, hunt or keep your naked slaves company in your warm and toasty harem pad.

Character creation is also being upgraded, which includes all new beards and beard colors, along with a new god you can align yourself with known as the Frost Father.

Conan Exiles made a name for itself when it entered into Early Access earlier this year because it was one of the only major games on the market that let you customize your dong. It also had dong physics, which is a rare feature in most games.

The dong physics kept Conan Exiles in the news for a while just up until it saturated and became yesterday’s news. At this point, Funcom will need to focus on making sure the game is fun, because the novelty of tea-bagging someone with a giant wobbly schlong got boring several months ago.

The Frozen North update will go live on August 16th along with the launch of the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Conan Exiles. The console versions won’t have adjustable dongs, though.


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