Death Wish Trailer Promises To Be A Real Man’s Movie
Death Wish (2017)

Eli Roth decided to remake the classic 1974 Death Wish that originally starred Charles Bronson, only he replaced Bronson’s role with Bruce Willis. I’m not complaining; at least Roth has good tastes in badasses. The new movie is a far-cry from the old film, though. It still deals with violence and vigilantism, but it’s updated to reflect the status of today’s culturally fragile society.

The trailer for the film definitely contains vibes from both the original Death Wish and from the more recent James Wan film, Death Sentence from 2007, which starred Kevin Bacon. The major difference is that the upcoming Death Wish attempts to ground the reality of the crimes in a situation that seems to be more relatable to today’s state of violence happening in place like the domestic war zone known as Chicago. The trailer is tightly edited and tautly put together, which you can check out below courtesy of New Trailer Buzz.

The trailer doesn’t give too much away, but we do find out that in the film Bruce Willis loses his wife during a break-in when he wasn’t home, and his daughter is hospitalized. It doesn’t appear as if they’re going with the rape angle that the first two films centered around involving Charles Bronson’s daughter – that’s a little too risque for today’s puritanical and regressive-driven society.

Nevertheless, after suffering the family tragedy, Willis decides to buy a gun and exact vengeance like a true patriot and vigilante.

The second half of the trailer looks like it gets a little stupid, but the idea that he walks into a ghetto black neighborhood and shoots the local drug dealer in broad daylight is pretty bold.

I’m curious how the rest of that scene will play out?

Later on we see Willis adopting some John Wick tactics by having some high-powered weapons at the ready while some people attempt to raid his raggedy apartment. Hopefully the movie doesn’t get too over-the-top the way Death Sentence did or the other Death Wish sequels. The original was a classic because it was pretty darn realistic, it reminded me of something the Coen brothers would have come up with had Brian Garfield and Michael Winner not tackled it first.

Anyway, at least the film looks like it could be pretty hardcore and doesn’t shy away from the true masculinity required for a vigilante to stand up and do something about uncontrolled and rampant violence run amok in the city. So long as it doesn’t skimp out on the violence or rawness of the situations, it could be pretty decent action-thriller.

You can look for Death Wish to drop this November in a theater near you.


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