Devs Behind Omega Pattern Visual Novel Still Prepping For Big Finale
Omega Pattern

Omega Pattern, a visual novel that came out back in May of this year, was released onto Steam for $4.99 by Borokai Studio. The developers pumped out the first part of the multi-part series to gauge feedback and interest in their project, but they still have plans on finishing it up and releasing the big finale for the visual novel.

One of the developers from Borokai Studio mentioned to One Angry Gamer that the studio is still gauging interest in running a Kickstarter, possibly sometime before 2017 wraps up.

A lot of it will depend on how much interest and what sort of feedback the team receives between now and the fourth quarter of 2017.

The visual novel, Omega Pattern, is about a seemingly normal world save for the fact that people have the ability to adapt and develop “Patterns”, which enable them to utilize psychic and telekinetic abilities.

A shadow organization named Bioagora maintains control of world events utilizing Agents who are adept in their Patterns. The company goes out of its way to either capture or persuade special individuals to become their Agents.

Omega Pattern follows the exploits of a young man named Shaiel who has the Pattern, but hides his powers at all costs to avoid being captured by Bioagora, but it becomes increasingly difficult as his powers grow at exponential rates, almost to the point of becoming uncontrollable.

Players essentially have to guide Shaiel through the dangerous world run by Bioagora, while attempting to help him gain allies and fend off the other Agents.

It sounds like a mix of Akira, Scanners and Blade Runner.

There are three different story routes, manga-style illustrations, and multiple branching stories that span around six hours.

The game sports some mature subject matter, including sexual content and nudity, so if you’re into adult-themed stories Omega Pattern doesn’t shy away from it.

You can learn more about the visual novel by visiting the Steam store page. We’ll keep you posted on when the developers plan on releasing the second part or if or when the second part will land on Kickstarter.


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