Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider Won’t Let You Play As Daud; SJW Dissent Rises
Dishonored Death of the Outsider

Arkane Studios’ Harvey Smith provided a little bit of commentary about the upcoming release of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. The game is scheduled to release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting September 15th.

The video is only two skimpy minutes long, taking up very little of your time while also highlighting some new screenshots, concept art, and gameplay footage for the upcoming expansion featuring the disabled, black lesbian, Billie. Check it out below.

The revelation of not being able to play as Daud and being stuck with Billie didn’t sit too well with everyone.

Arkane really wanted to make sure they checked off as many tokens on the list as possible. The inclusion of Billie as the only playable character in the Dishonored: Death to the Outsider expansion has really set the game’s community ablaze with discourse and dissension. This is mostly due to the fact that a lot of people see it as Arkane pandering toward SJWs.

The topics on the forums are rife with almost nothing other than debates and arguments over Billie’s sexuality, her being disabled, and, of course, her being black.

The discussion about the Social Justice Warrior topic has led some people to claim that anyone who isn’t for it is just trolling, with user Coldhands responding to one user who was asking why the conversation in the forums has been completely overwhelmed with arguments over SJWism, writing…

“It’s all just trolling and bull****. The alternative is that some people are actually so fragile and insecure that they’re genuinely upset about the race/gender of the playable character in a series where that’s never once been important.”

In one of the countless threads continuing to surface for the game, Rogal Trump blatantly put into words what many gamers have been mentioning in the threads and comment sections, writing…

“Why do so many people hate Lurk?


“Because she’s a hideous tranny avatar of diversh*tty, and everyone is tired of this crap being pushed by the (((usual suspects))) like an aggressive telemarketer who won’t leave you alone.


“Rather than brainwashing people into accepting trannies and other morbid forms of “diversity,” the unwelcome intrusion of sjw narratives into our shows, movies and games has caused a huge backlash. It has GREATLY increased the public’s hatred for the (((progressive))) narrative.“

Forum discussions, YouTube comments, imageboard rants and Twitter memes don’t always reflect what the sales will be like for a game. Dishonored: Death to the Outsider is priced at $29.99, so it’s possible it might attract people who don’t care about SJWism either way.

Sales for Dishonored 2 already pale in comparison to sales for the original Dishonored, with the first game having moved more than 3 million copies on PC alone, while the second game can’t even break the 1 million mark on PC, as noted by Steam Spy. Arkane could be risking losing even more of their audience members by going all-in on this route, attempting to pander to those who claim to be progressive.

We’ll see how well Dishonored: Death to the Outsider sells when it launches on September 15th.


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