EA Sports Expands NBA Live 18 Diversity With WNBA League
WNBA Live 18

EA has been experimenting with the whole “diversity” angle in gaming, letting BioWare dive head-first into SJWism with Dragon Age: Inquisition and Mass Effect: Andromedaboth of which failed to make any significant sales gains for the publisher – and then they added the female leagues to FIFA 16, and now they’re adding the WNBA league to the upcoming NBA Live 18.

The news came with both a trailer and some actual in-game play featuring the female NBA stars taking to the court and playing up a game of hoops.

The announcement trailer is only 46 seconds long and was debuted on the EA Sports YouTube channel. You can check it out below.

Most of the people in the comment section were supportive of the addition of the WNBA, as it adds something different to NBA Live 18 not present in NBA 2K18.

Others joked if EA Sports was going to add realistic crowds that only fill up half the stadium like in real life, while others joked about not being able to do dunks.

Some claimed that adding WNBA features to the game would further diversify the gaming community and bring in more players, but so far there haven’t been any stats or research reports indicating that by simply adding women to typically male dominated franchises it actually increases the female playerbase.

Nevertheless, a second video was posted up showcasing actual gameplay of the women from the WNBA in action. You can check it out below from TicoisTocory.

Additionally a free NBA Live 18 demo will be available starting August 11th, so you’ll be able to play-test the game ahead of its launch this fall. There’s no mention on if the demo will feature the WNBA. Also it seems unlikely that you’ll be able to pit the females against the males in any head-to-head competitions within the game, even though technically playing an all-female team against an all-male team would be like playing with one hand tied behind your back.

Anyway, NBA Live 18 is due for release on the Xbox One and PS4.


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