Far Cry 5 Video Highlights Fishing Mini-Game, Christian Music And Semi Trucks
Far Cry 5
(Last Updated On: August 22, 2017)

Ubisoft released a new 20 minute gameplay demo for Far Cry 5 for this year’s GamesCom event. It highlights some of the new features you can expect from the 2018 release, along with a look at some of the enemies you’ll encounter in Hope County, Montana.

The video was uploaded recently by MKIceAndFire, which you can check out below.

A producer and writer from Ubisoft walks gamers through the demo. They hop into a tractor and roll over one of the enemies, and shoots one of the black cult members in the face who was unfortunate enough to join Eden Gate.

We get to see some of the game’s fishing mechanics on display, where they fight a little bit to get one of the fish out of the water.

They also highlight some of Boomer the Dog’s abilities. He can go snatch weapons out of the enemy’s hands, or distract baddies while you attempt to launch a sneak attack.

Some of the missions include some rescuing people from forced baptisms, destroy convoys, or hunt down mercenaries who are part of the Chosen by dogfighting them in the air.

While you’re inside a vehicle you can listen to various radio stations, including some Christian cult music.

Speaking of Christians… as usual, the comment section on the videos completely devolved into arguments over Trump versus Hillary, Christians versus Muslims, and terrorism in the U.S.

All of these game companies proselytizing through their video games have now turned their own communities into politically-fueled fire beds.

On the upside, there’s also a large amount of comments completely unrelated to the politics of the game, where lots of people are simply calling Far Cry 5 a reskin and that it’s likely going to be downgraded upon release. So, take comfort in knowing that when people aren’t arguing about Trump, Clinton, Muslim terrorists, Christians as bad guys, or Americans being portrayed as villains, they’re in total agreement that this game likely won’t be that fun to play upon release in 2018.

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