Fate/Grand Order Erotic Illustrations Censored In China
Fate Go Censored In China
(Last Updated On: August 20, 2017)

Two illustrations in Fate/Grand Order for Boudica and Mata Hari will be altered and “toned down” to meet the censorship standards in China.

Censored Gaming recently tweeted out about the changes taking place, and how gamers who invested in the game will be compensated by 100 quartz for the trouble.

According to tweets collected by the Japanese blog Esuteru, some users complained about the outfits after they appeared during a popular Nico Nico video stream.

The two illustrations were just two sexy for the Chinese.

This isn’t surprising news at all. In fact, most people would expect as much from China. Last year the character Shiva from Final Fantasy XV had to be censored because she was showing too much skin in the Chinese version.

Some worry that the Chinese censorship might find its way out of China and into other versions of Fate/Grand Order, including the English version.

Fate/Grand Order CensorshipCensorship has become a big topic as of late in gaming, as gamers have been in a horn-locked battle with Social Justice Warriors and militant feminists who have been attempting to strip female characters in video games of their femininity and sexuality. In the eyes of third-wave feminists, femininity is viewed as sexually objectifying women and a product of the patriarchy. Hence, in many Western made games, females are designed to mimic more masculine or androgynous qualities to avoid being criticized by media outlets who adopt third-wave feminist cultural criticism as the standard lens for which they view and critique media.

Various Western publishers and developers over recent years have capitulated to these demands, and some gamers fear that it may soon spread to Eastern developers in Japan and South Korea. Some Eastern games localized for Western markets have succumbed to some of the more politically minded advocates working in the localization departments, which is what happened with games such as Blade & Soul and Fire Emblem Fates, which was factually outlined in a detailed report by Know Your Meme.

However, gamers may need to be more concerned with China’s strict censorship policies making their way into Japanese and South Korean titles as well.

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