For Honor Season 3 Trailers Introduce Gladiator, Highlander
For Honor - Gladiator

Ubisoft released two new trailers for the third season of For Honor, featuring two new character classes in the form of The Highlander and the Gladiator.

The two new trailers are about a minute and a half long each, covering the different abilities and moves that players will be able to utilize for the two new character classes. You can check out the first video below, covering the Viking Highlander.

The trailer doesn’t really go into depth about the moveset or skills for the Highlander, but we do get to see that he can easily clear out a group of enemies by swinging around his massive Claymore sword, a typical weapon used by the Scots in the highlands.

His finishing maneuvers definitely look spot-on. You would think he came out of the new Friday The 13th: The Game given the way he impales people and severs their limbs like one of those serrated blades cutting through vegetables and fruit effortlessly on an infomercial.

The second trailer is for the Gladiator. It’s another minute and a half long trailer, giving gamers a look at the lightly armored warrior, sporting sword and board gameplay. Check it out below.

First off, let me say that the design for the Gladiator is spot on. The three-pronged trident and the small shield on his left arm makes him look absolutely beastly. I’ve also always loved those bronze, Roman parade helmets the gladiators would wear. They look uncompromisingly intimidating.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, the Gladiator has some cool moves. A leaping strike, a clothesline using the trident, and plenty of impalement moves makes them an easy pick for people who want to be a menacing force on the battlefield. The finisher where his opponent struggles as the trident’s pronged spikes begin to slowly enter into them is crazy.

There’s one final trailer covering a new map for the game called Sentinel. You can check it out below, showing it at night, during the winter, and during the day.

It’s a shame that a game with such beautiful architecture and such a unique premise is burdened by microtransactions and always-on DRM. It’ll likely go down in history a forgotten title known only for Ubisoft’s missed opportunity to make something great.

And finally, there’s a developer video where the developers talk about how they came up with the Highlander and Gladiators. You can check out the video below.

What’s interesting is that they built the Gladiator and his movements based around the combat philosophy of a boxer, using footwork and rhythm to work his opponents over. They designed the Gladiator class specifically with the intention in mind to make other players facing off against him feel as if they’re the prey. Mission accomplished.


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