Gappo’s Legacy VR, Sci-Fi Action Game Enters Early Access September 7th
Gappo's Legacy VR

Odysseus recently unveiled the new first-person VR action game, Gappo’s Legacy VR, an upcoming title that places gamers in the outer reaches of a sci-fi universe that combines melee combat with fast-paced FPS mechanics.

The VR title is going to have a tie-in television show and comic book released, and the game itself will give gamers a small taste into what the developers have in store.

A 30 second teaser trailer was released, featuring some of the game’s combat, enemies and empty desert environments, which you can check out below.

So one of the things they mention in the description is that Gappo’s Legacy VR takes place on the surface of a “desolate desert”. I don’t know if that means that the whole game will take place there or if there will be different locations to visit.

According to the press release, players will join the Makina Resistance Army, fighting against various enemies in an attempt to establish freedom from an evil force.

The description is vary vague and the gameplay teaser is equally as vague. Aesthetically it looks like it combines Indian culture with techno-futurism.

The game is scheduled to enter into Early Access on Steam starting September 7th. The Steam page is currently live, and they reveal that the game is scheduled to stay in Early Access for anywhere between six and nine months.

They describe the title as a throwback to classic arcade games, and pits players against dangerous, killer machines out in the middle of a desert wasteland.

They hope to use Early Access to include more boss fights, new weapons, more mechanics, and additional drones.

It’s tough to get a gauge on this game and whether it will be yet another tech demo-style VR title, or a real game, but for now it looks like we can only sit back and wait for the game to enter Early Access before fully judging.


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