Gear Club Unlimited First Nintendo Switch Screenshots Are Impressive, The Trailer Is Not
Gear Club Unlimited

The first gameplay footage of the Android-ported racing game Gear Club Unlimited has surfaced for the Nintendo Switch. The gameplay trailer is nothing to write home about, but it does give you a look at the first actual Nintendo Switch game that isn’t a cartoon racer.

Game Trailers posted up the minute and a half long trailer, which you can check out below.

The trailer starts with a flyby of some of the maps, which range from desert runs in the outback, to two-lane races across the countryside.

The trailer also highlights some of the body modifications that can be utilized, along with the livery editor that comes packed in.

Graphically Gear Club Unlimited looks like an OG Xbox title. It will feature a variety of cars from Ruf, Chevrolet, Mercedes, Dodge, Jaguar and Bugatti to name but a few.

There will be three modes, including Derby Mode, Rally Mode and Time Trial Mode.

The screenshots for the game look a lot more impressive, but the 8K bullshots are designed that way.

Gear Club Unlimited - Nintendo Switch Screenshots

Gear Club Unlimited - Nintendo Switch Screenshots

As you can see, the screenshots depict a game with super clean lines and ultra HD resolution. However, the full game – as you can see in the trailer above – looks nothing like that.

The shadows are basic boxes for the most part, and the lighting is just standard fare without any physically based rendering. The reflections only really stand out when the camera is completely zoomed in to capture the reflective image off the fiberglass body, as evident in the screenshots below.

Gear Club Unlimited - Nintendo Switch Screenshots

Gear Club Unlimited - Nintendo Switch Screenshots

I do have to admit that I like the garage area and the way the customization is handled. It looks really neat seeing how the cars go through the paint job and get modified. It feels like a classic Sega arcade title.

Gear Club Unlimited - Nintendo Switch Screenshots

Eden Interactive and Microids have plans on releasing Gear Club Unlimited during the fourth quarter for the Nintendo Switch.

It’s a little tough to tell how well this game might do. If it’s fun, then it could get by on that factor alone. If the controls are wonky and the tracks are lame, then expect this title to go ignored when it finally arrives for Nintendo’s hyrbid system.


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