How Technology is Changing Gaming
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Gaming and technology often go hand in hand in today’s markets. Whenever there’s a technological advancement, it won’t be long until someone has found a way to incorporate that into gaming in one way or another. So whether you’re looking into the best sites for financial betters, or are simply searching for a new way of gaming, we’ve pulled together some of the biggest ways that technology within gaming has changed in the recent years and is changing even now.

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Facial Recognition

Facial and 3D recognition are starting to make their way into everyday gaming and technology use. While the use of facial recognition had been used in security for mobile phones by only unlocking from your face, gaming has been a little behind on facial recognition until recently. Intel® RealSense™ 3D Camera could make it possible for game developers to create games that adjust according to what they’re seeing. While it’s already possible for a game to read your face and create an avatar likeness, there is still plenty of room for facial recognition in gaming to grow. Gesture recognition is the bigger market currently, but with the progression of technology, it’s only a matter of time.

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Mobile Gaming

Smartphones have changed the world of mobile gaming irreversibly. Consumers of all ages are being drawn into the digital world of gaming and it’s evident no matter where you go. On the train, commuters are huddled over their phones or tablets on app-store games, at work, lunchbreaks are being filled with quick eating and catching up on their farms or trying to level up on their newest block-breaker. Wearable technology is making gaming even more mobile than that. Companies are beginning to expand their wearable technology beyond fitness and are working out ways to incorporate games too. The Apple Watch store is growing past more than organisation and fitness and expanding into quick little games to keep us occupied while we’re waiting around, or simply too lazy to pull our phones from our bags.

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In general, prices of games are getting less. While console gaming can still ask a hefty price for their most popular games – upwards of £40 in some cases – mobile and PC gaming are very much the opposite. In most cases, any games over £1 or so are classed as expensive, and are usually of console standard anyway. However, you don’t always need to pay the bigger ticket prices for popular and well-made games. Apps such as Temple Run, Doodle Jump, Angry Birds and more all provide hours of entertainment in more bite-size doses but provide the same level of satisfaction – or anger in some cases – as a console game might. Some of these apps are even being moved to console as we speak!

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Online Gaming

Online gaming, both in the way of games found online and games in which you can go online are extremely popular and are growing even more so. Whether you’re seeking out an online MMORPG like League of Legends or World of Warcraft, or playing a console game alone in your room but with a group of your friends or strangers from around the world, technology has made all kinds of things possible in the past few years with social gaming. Plenty of teenagers and older are making friends over the internet through these games – after all, you know that you have a love for gaming in common from the outset.

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You can make games on a small budget

The gaming world is growing not least because there is more opportunity to actually make games to be sold. Small-budget games are constantly being turned into popular, sometimes even fad games, and their developers are earning money off of something they didn’t spend much money on at all. Game-making software is easily accessible, and with the younger generations growing up with technology, more and more people are gaining the skills to make their own games to sell on app stores, or over online markets like Steam.


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