Hyper Universe, Side-Scrolling MOBA Enters Early Access August 24th

Hyper Universe

Nexon and Cwavesoft announced that Hyper Universe, the side-scrolling, PvP MOBA title, will enter into Early Access on Steam starting August 24th for $15.99.

The game puts players in the role of commanding a team of heroes as they attempt to fight against and destroy the enemy tower. Just like other MOBAs, the goal includes leading minions into the enemy’s base, and duking it out against them until you can get to their tower and destroy. Sounds simple, right?

Well, the hook for Hyper Universe is that it’s essentially a fighting game with a MOBA premise. So you’ll need to whip out your Street Fighter or Smash Bros skills in order to kick butt and take names. They explain the premise quite well in the trailer below.

You earn gold by defeating enemies and killing opponents and then using it to upgrade your character.

One thing that absolutely stands out with Hyper Universe is that the appreciation of the female form was not lost on Cwavesoft.

There’s a lot of big boobs in the game with proper jiggle physics. They know how to do aesthetics right.

Leotards, short-shorts and skin-tight outfits help round out the cast of fairly attractive femme fatales, feisty heroines, and loli-style characters.

I imagine that so long as this game doesn’t reach mainstream, Nexon won’t have to worry about SJWs complaining about the game’s depiction of its female cast of characters, something that continues to stay under the microscopic lens of scrutiny from so-called “progressive” journalists. Also, don’t be surprised if the developers offer up plenty of fan-service skins for many of the characters.

Anyway, Hyper Universe is scheduled to stay in Early Access until major balance changes are implemented, bug fixes are rounded out, and content updates take place.

You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the Steam store page ahead of the August 24th launch.

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