Inside Gamergate: A Social History Of The Gamer Revolt Book Is Now Available
Inside GamerGate

James Desborough’s Inside GamerGate: A Social History Of The Gamer Revolt is currently available on Amazon right now for $4.99. The book covers the perspective of the consumer revolt from the perspective of James Desborough, who witnessed how everything went down from the inside, as one of the participants of said revolt.

The book’s main purpose is to highlight what actually happened versus what the media has allowed the public to know what happened. For anyone who reads the Wikipedia page for #GamerGate, it’s easy to see how there’s a one-sided narrative about the revolt being about harassing women out of the gaming industry, which is not only factually incorrect but also proven to be objectively untrue based on the research and investigations done regarding the hashtag, including an FBI report and a peer reviewed report, both of which couldn’t turn up any evidence to support the claims that it was a harassment campaign.

According to Desborough, the fact that the media purposefully went out of their way to misrepresent #GamerGate, troubled him as a historian and as a participant of the revolt. He explains…

“Mostly I want a record from this side, from this point of view. A counter-narrative to the one against Gamergate. Opposition to the stories being told by those who, despite mainly losing the cultural conflict that was Gamergate, are getting to enter their version of events into the record unopposed.”

It’s true that the media helped various individuals shape the narrative of #GamerGate, including major news organizations such as ABC, who claimed they didn’t want the evidence of corruption and were only interested in covering the event from the harassment angle. There was also the CBC, who assiduously covered the event in favor of those claiming that #GamerGate was a harassment campaign, and did so under the direction of production directors who stated that coverage and reporting didn’t need to be balanced.

Whether or not Desborough’s book will break through and reach the masses is completely up in the air given that the interest in the topic of #GamerGate has waned greatly, but hopefully it will offer perspective for those looking for more than just the propaganda provided by mainstream media and Wikipedia.


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