Kingdoms And Castles Cheats Enable Infinite Resources, Max Happiness
Kingdoms and Castles Cheats
(Last Updated On: August 3, 2017)

A cheat for max happiness? I’m sure a lot of people would love for that to be a real cheat for real life right now. But alas, that’s one of the two major cheats available for Lion Shield’s strategy game, Kingdoms and Castles.

You can grab the cheat trainer for the game right now from the Mr. Antifun download page.

There are only two cheats in the trainer, including infinite resources so you can build whatever it is you want without any restrictions, and max happiness, which allows your serfs to always be satisfied with whatever sort of living conditions you create for them, even if it sucks… a little like beta male white knights living under the duress and in defense of staunch man-hating feminazis.

Anyway, the two cheats may not be perfect, but they’ll most certainly allow you to progress through the game with little to no interference when it comes to amassing a great kingdom and having a renown army to defend it.

The only condition for using the cheats is to first backup your saved game. Next, either enter a world or create a world, and proceed to open up the cheat trainer from there.

Gamers, so far, are quite thrilled with what Kingdoms and Castles has to offer, and it has a very positive rating on Steam at the moment.

The strategy title sees players gathering up resources (which isn’t required if you use the cheats) and then building up a small village. As you continue to amass wealth and grow your village into a town, you will have to deal with dynamic weather systems, raiding pirates, and other hazards that threaten the prosperity of your ambition.

Kingdoms and Castles is also one of the few games that successfully released after being funded on Fig.

You can learn more about the real-time strategy title by visiting the Steam store page.

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