Life Is Strange: Before The Storm – Episode 1 Walkthrough And Choices
Life is Strange Before The Storm Walkthrough
(Last Updated On: September 1, 2017)

Square Enix and Deck Nine Games have finally released Life is Strange: Before The Storm – Episode 1: Awake for home consoles and PC. The latest entry in the teenage drama tale is actually a prequel, revisiting the events that led up to Chloe and Max’s adventure in Dontnod Entertainment’s first season of Life is Strange. The prequel will feature three episodes spanning the tales involving Chloe and Rachel, and for gamers interested in the events of the first episode, there’s a walkthrough available.

You can check out the six part playlist series that YouTuber MKIceandFire put together featuring the multiple-choice adventure game, which starts with players in control of the foul-mouthed and angsty teenager, Chloe Price.

The game starts with Chloe on the train tracks, smoking.

After the short cinematic you can walk along the linear path to the fence to jump over it.

You can examine the outside of the barn where the concert is taking place, including the RV and the gay dudes arguing. You can examine the bike and ask the bouncer about it; use the backtalk to convince the bouncer to let you in by insulting him about bedtime, the place being a playground, and insulting him about the flowers on his bike.

When you get inside you can ask Frank for some weed, but you’ll need $175 first.

If you attempt to get through the mosh pit you’ll get knocked back and can either apologize or blow off the dude you bumped into.

You can ask Frank about the guy Chloe bumps into and then proceed upstairs to watch the concert.

In the first major choice of the game you’ll have the choice of attacking or running during the encounter with Derrick’s henchman. If you attack the henchman Chloe and Rachel will head back downstairs and enjoy the concert.

You can examine stuff in Chloe’s room – she’ll have a shiner on her face if you choose to fight while at the concert. If you run you’ll avoid getting sucker punched.

You’ll also need to find Chloe’s phone – use the phone in Chloe’s mother room to dial Chloe’s phone and track the sound.

You’ll find the cellphone behind the toilet. You can check the missed messages.

You’ll also need to grab Chloe’s mom’s purse and her cellphone, which are located her bedroom.

During the conversation with Chloe’s mother, you can either be antagonistic toward Joyce or you can be understanding.

Life is Strange Before The Storm - Joyce Choice

If you’re understanding toward Joyce it will give her some relief; if you’re honest about Chloe’s feelings it will further depress Joyce.

Bring the keys to David and get the spark plug to help him fix the car. You’ll have the choice to then either engage in backtalk with David or listen and endure what he has to say.

If you choose to listen to what he has to say, you can either accept what he has to say or ignore it. Obviously, backtalking will only strain their relationship further.

When you get to school, you can choose to go to the school play The Tempest or blow off Chloe’s friend Eliot when you get the choice.

You’ll also have the choice to bud in and help Nathan, the rapist, or stand around and watch as the black guy bullies Nathan. If you don’t do anything it will make the relationships worse for Chloe and her classmates.

When you find Steph, you can choose to either play the tabletop game with them or blow them off. Keep in mind that if you choose to play through the game it’s a full-on role-playing experience and can take anywhere between 20 minutes to an entire half hour to complete.

If you do choose to through the tabletop game, it will earn you a drawing from Mikey of both his and Chloe’s character.

After the segment with Steph, you’ll need to direct Chloe to chemistry class.

Rachel Amber will drag Chloe into the drama club, and ask her about a line: you’ll have a choice of either saying it’s about true love or that the character is an idiot. If you say that the character is an idiot the drama teacher will agree.

You’ll need to get her belt from over in the corner by her back.

When you go into the dressing room, you can either throw her the belt or hand it to her – you can also choose to compliment her.

You can also further their relationship by having Rachel cover up the shiner on Chloe’s eye.

Life is Strange Before the Storm - Rachel and Chloe

During the train ride with Rachel, you can choose to agree to do something fun or flirt – if you flirt, Rachel won’t immediately reinforce Chloe’s advance.

If you want to guess right with the two truths and a lie game, New York will be the lie.

You can choose to either tell the truth or tell some lies.

There’s a Telltale moment on the train when you can choose to either share your music with Rachel or listen to it alone. If you share the music with Rachel you’ll unlock a moment with Rachel.

Another moment will see Rachel telling you to jump off the train. You can choose to jump or not – if you choose not to, Rachel will make you jump anyway. If you choose to jump with her then it increases your bond a bit more.

You’ll need to get a quarter for Rachel after she put into the broken viewfinder.

Examine the viewfinder and then ask Rachel about a knife. She’ll give you a nail file.

You can add graffiti to the statue, if you want.

Use the nail file on the Prescott plaque on the bench just down the trail. Use the plaque to pry open the viewfinder and get the quarter out of the machine.

You can make fun of the people on the trail.

Rachel will want to get wasted. You can choose to do so by attempting to steal the wine from the couple. If you use the backtalk feature you can encourage the guy to give Rachel mouth-to-mouth and snatch the wine in the process.

After leaving the park you can choose to pressure Rachel to talk about why she’s standoff-ish. You can choose to either give Rachel the bat or put on a show, but it doesn’t matter either way.

During the argument you’ll have the choice to tell Rachel not to leave and that what’s there is either a friendship or more.

If you say that there’s something more then Rachel will tell Chloe that she can’t talk about it, and leave.

If you need help with all of the different choices in the first episode, GamerrZOMBIE offers all of the alternative choices you can make in the game if you want to avoid making the wrong choice in your game.

The end of the episode will result in Rachel telling Chloe that the lady and man making out under the tree was her dad but the lady wasn’t her mom.

Chloe will meet Rachel under the tree after she has a flashback of her dad just before the car accident.

Rachel will burn the picture of her father and then throw it in the trash can and then knock it over and scream – this will cause the window to blow, leading some to believe Rachel has ties to the tornado in the original Life is Strange.

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