Light Tracer For PlayStation VR Is A 3D Platformer With Head-Patting
Light Tracer PSVR
(Last Updated On: August 7, 2017)

Oasis Games may have a sleeper hit on their hand with Light Tracer, a waifu-themed game about players taking on the role of a god-like entity who must guide a princess to the top of a Babel-like tower in order to save her people.

In one hand players will have a light staff that can direct the princess along the path in order to dodge enemies, avoid obstacles, and direct the princess to attack specific foes. The other hand is empty, allowing players to pick up objects, interact with the game world, or if they’re close enough… head-pat the princess.

You can see what the game is like in action with the PSVR trailer below.

Most notably is the trailer music, which features a world theme that seems to borrow a bit from Indian and Mediterranean sounds. The comment section lit up with excitement about the music, with many people asking about the theme.

If Oasis Games really wanted to make waves they would ensure that the entire soundtrack was similar to the song used in the trailer. It’s a great way to entice people who may not be entirely sold on the VR concept but really enjoy the aesthetics and music. Heck, there have been some games I’ve purchased just because of the soundtrack… like Transistor or Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

Anyway, Alen Wu, the business director at Oasis Games, explained a bit more of the gameplay concept and how it utilizes the VR mechanics to bring the challenge and scope of Light Tracer to life, saying in the press release…

“LIGHT TRACER brings a new style of platform game to PS VR players, offering a journey of challenging puzzles, colossal heights and artistic visuals,” […] “You’ll need both hands to save the Princess: one to guide her using your Light Staff and the other to spin and manipulate the mysterious tower to open a path to save her people from a tragic fate.”

You can use the free hand to spin the tower around to change your view, along with using the staff to interact with the game world and help the princess overcome obstacles and battle the bosses.

You can look for Light Tracer to launch exclusively for the PlayStation VR headset on the PS4 this September.

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  • Disqusted

    The art looks a lot better than the actual game. As is seemingly common for Japanese games of late.

    Didn’t a Fire Emblem game remove something like head patting to appease SJWs?

    • Yep. Fire Emblem Fates removed the head-patting because SJWs thought it was “creepy”.

      • Feli Aslan

        And they removed cultural references as far as I know because, yeah its SJWs everything culture relateded outside if muslim pedophilia and spicy food is to complicated for them.

        And I’m pretty sure they censored pretty much of the Lesbian Romance in the game, making it the same as the heterosexual version of this romance.

        • Disqusted

          It’s sad that the West is so immature and fragile that they need to be constantly shielded from basic facts of life.

          Although you could also say it’s because self-important assholes keep assuming everyone else are 2 year olds who need to be protected.

          I heard Japan is starting to worry about little kids seeing hot sexy girls. It’s probably the inevitable result of humans in peaceful times having nothing better to do. When people don’t have real problems to solve, they create non-problems to bitch about.

          • Feli Aslan

            I really think the fact that the SJWs censored the lesbian romance as well is quite telling, after all their talk about how much they love LGBT. I know that the female Rhajat Romance had a fair amount of gay angst in it in the original and this is a point were they triggered me hard as fuck, as I’m a sucker for some gay angst in my Yuri. Or maybe its some equality thing, that nobody should be allowed to have some fun with their fetishes in the game.