Madden NFL 18 Longshot Story Mode Walkthrough
Madden NFL 18 - Longshot Walkthrough

Madden NFL 18 is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, featuring all new modes, game mechanics and the cinematic story called “Longshot”. For those of you looking for a little help with the choices and options featured in Tiburon Production’s mode, there’s a Madden NFL 18 longshot walkthrough available.

The very first choice you have to make is either keep the play or change the play when you’re playing with your dad. The mode is interactive, so be prepared to press the on-screen buttons during the quick-time event as prompted. You can check out the complete walkthrough of the Longshot mode courtesy of YouTuber AntoDaBoss.

After the segment with young Devin, there’s another lengthy cinematic and then you have the choice of either pranking Cole or having mercy on him. You can also choose to either sing along with Cole or change the station.

When you get in front of the receptionist, you can choose to either bribe her to get in or charm her. Charming works just fine.

Keep in mind that your choices will affect both Devin and Cole’s lives… so choose wisely.

During the flashback sequence you can either choose to justify or ignore the play. Justifying the play will not go down well for Devin.

The first choice you have during the longshot trial, you can either encourage or hush Cole.

Even in Madden NFL 18 the Frostbite lens flare is still an eye sore.

A sequence of quick-time events will commence during the scouting. Pay attention to the highlighted buttons. You’ll need to pay attention and work fast.

You’ll have a choice of either swapping places with another teammate or brushing off Cole when he requests to switch. If you choose to switch you will lose team grade points, but you will gain scouting grade points if you can successfully pass to Cole.

Don’t screw up.

The final test will be a later pass to the receiver where you’ll have to press the appropriate button and then use the left analog to guide the ball into the hands of the receiver.

You’ll be able to insult or ignore a high-school rival.

Some producers will also you about joining the Longshot show. The douche bag executive producer makes it nearly impossible to consider the offer, but most of the choices center around rejecting the offer.

While Devin is felling down on himself, there’s a flashback of Colt and Wade before his daddy died when they were playing in high school.

This will switch over to the actual game for the very first time where you actually get to play. You’re 21 down in the third quarter and you have to have to bring them back before the end of the fourth.

This all boils down to your actual skill in Madden NFL 18. Go for some wide passes and run the line to put some yards on the board.

Use each of your downs during this mode to score every time in order to catch up.

If you successfully score and catch up to the opposing team, the final sequence will involve Wade and Cruise in a quick-time event where you’ll need to put in the proper button combo to make the pass to Cruise so he can score the touchdown.

During the next segment, you can choose to either brag or doubt your success on the TV show. If you attempt to offer Cole an opportunity to join Wade on the TV show, Cole will reveal that he’s already been given a spot on the super regional tryouts.

During the Longshot reality TV show, you’ll have to outscore Butterly. It’s easy if you aim for the ‘2’s on the board.

For the play call assessment, you’ll need to remember the play-calls. If you need help, the answers are as follows:

First set:
Strong I Twins
Flex Dagger
X Dig
Y Shallow
Z Go

Second set
Singleback Ace Pair
Y Stick
X Slant
Z Go
U Flat

Third Set
Gun Bunch Weak
Double Trail
X Go
Y Dig
Z Shallow

For the questions about the positions on the field, the first answer is: Safety.

The second answer is ‘B’ on the Xbox or Circle on the DualShock 4. Alternatively, the hot receiver will be the one to the far right of the screen.

The last test will be another quick-time pass event where you’ll need to squeeze the left trigger and then align the passing target in front of the receiver. Work fast to get a higher grade.

During the intangibles part of the Longshot… do not guess. Also in the final question…. convince him instead of attempt to impress him.

Regardless of how you perform in the intangibles, the Jewish executive producer will use affirmative action to fast-track Devin to the longshot position.

Madden NFL 18 - Longshot Executive Producer

During the Jack Ford quiz, the first answer for the play is: Singleback

For the second part of the quiz, the answer is ‘X’ on the Xbox controller or Square on the DualShock 4.

For the play call quiz, the answers are:
I Pro
X Out
Z Post
Y Option

When Cole shows up you can either reject, resist or accept. If you accept him it will strengthen your bond.

During the first part of the quiz the answers are:
Run the ball
Throw the ball

The next segment involves more quick-time events. However, you’ll need to make proper “reads”. Essentially, pass it to the receiver who is most open. The first read requires you to pass it to Cole, the second read requires you to pass it to the black guy, and the third read requires you to pass it to Cole once again.

During the press conference you can either bluff and deny the questions, or shout and be honest.

You’ll have a fight with Cole… the choices are either to justify and deflect or insult and belittle Cole.

There’s another flashback sequence where you’ll need to complete some quick-time events, and then play on defense as Wade. Prevent the CPU from advancing yards on the field by forcing them to waste downs.

During the cinematic when Cole comes back to get Devin, you can either accept his offer or hesitate.

During the meeting, you can choose to either fire or reassign Ross. During the segment Ross will attempt to throw everyone under the bus, and you can either defend Julia and Jack or deflect.

You’ll need to play a 7-on-7 game in a first to 21. There are specific rules that prevent you from playing free-form. You can check the rules below.

The next challenge includes besting Dan Marino in a play off. It’s best to hit all the large boxes up front first. Then work your way toward the larger boxes in the back.

The next challenge is a 7-on-7 game on the Army base. It’s an interesting mode with no first downs and no punts or field goals. There’s also a chick playing on the team. You can check the rules below.

After the trip back, Julia will attempt to get Devin to talk to the media. You can either resist or accept.

During the interview, you can either answer the first question by opening up or by joking about it.


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