Mic, Millennial SJW Website Lays Off 25 Staff Members
Mic Downsizes

Mic, a self-proclaimed millennial website that caters toward “progressive” topics and attempts to court Social Justice Warriors, is laying off 25 members of its staff.

According to Business Insider, the move is part of the outfits effort to reorganize and capitalize on the vertical of video content.

According to founder Chris Altchek, they’re going to be utilizing “tap stories” to capitalize on the growing trend of video delivery, explaining…

“We made these tough decisions because we believe deeply in our vision to make Mic the leader in visual journalism and we need to focus the company to deliver on our mission, […] “As new platforms emerge and existing platforms continue to grow, we believe this will become a dominant form of news consumption for our audience,”

One of the “new platforms” he might be talking about could be the new Reddit Video platform, which recently entered into beta. How well it will do as a video alternative to a behemoth like YouTube remains to be seen, but Mic joins other companies who have also opted to focus on providing their content through video format instead of relying on the written word.

Despite having received 21$ million earlier in 2017 in venture funding, the site’s content trajectory did not align with its goals, which is why they’re switching to a focus on video delivery. However, there’s a reason the content probably didn’t reach the audience that they were hoping for.

Mic’s downsize follows a trend of articles aimed at attacking specific demographics in an attempt to appeal to Social Justice Warriors, including attacking gamers for not like Mass Effect: Andromeda, even going as far as to defend the likes of Manveer Heir, who had worked on the game and had made no qualms about making openly racist remarks leading up to the game’s release.

The site also attempted to dig up old topics like #GamerGate in an attempt to further the disproved narrative about it being about trolling, sexism and harassment, with a piece by John Adkins published on July 12th, 2017 titled “The untold origins of Gamergate – and the gaming legends who spawned the modern culture of abuse.”

The site consistently published inflammatory articles themed around identity politics, shaming nerd culture, and even taking time out to inject “progressive” commentary about sexism in a Fox & Friends segment about spring cleaning.

Mic isn’t the only socially “progressive” website that had to downsize recently. Comics Alliance also recently shutdown. It, too, was a anti-#GamerGate site that didn’t mind taking shots at nerd culture.

Vice also recently laid off one of its founding members of the game section, Mike Diver, in an attempt to also restructure and focus more on video delivery.

With YouTube focusing on demonetizing a lot of channels that don’t toe the line of Leftist ideology, it will be interesting to see if controversial content creators like Mic and Vice will be able to continue to monetize their content amid the growing presence of the Limited State content policy.


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