Microsoft Announces New Halo VR Project
(Last Updated On: August 29, 2017)

Microsoft has announced a new Halo VR project that is currently in the works. An attempt to bring new first-wave Windows Mixed Reality games to the forefront in the near future, 343 Industries is said to be working on the new Halo VR title as we speak.

According to publication site GameRant it is said that Microsoft has announced the first-wave of upcoming Windows Mixed Reality titles. One of which happens to be that of the Halo series, however it will sport VR capabilities.

The new Halo VR project is being developed by 343 Industries. Additionally, Microsoft’s Alex Kipman noted that the developer will “bring future Halo experiences into mixed reality” and that “it will be a lot of fun to work with them.” It’s worth noting that Kipman declined to share further details on the upcoming Halo VR project.

Moreover, Windows Mixed Reality (for Windows 10 PCs) supposedly offers a sense of presence, while immersing you in a new/familiar world. If you have no clue as to what this whole thing is, a new video showing Windows Mixed Reality sits below.

It is unclear if the upcoming Halo 6 will feature this VR support or if this whole initiative is only for Halo VR? Given how silent Microsoft and 343 Industries have been about the whole thing has a lot of people assuming that there is a Team A working on Halo 6 and a Team B working on Halo VR.

Some fans believe that it will be a collection of Halo events throughout the game’s series, giving gamers the opportunity to experience a plethora of events in Halo’s universe through Windows Mixed Reality. However, do take that with a grain of salt given that there’s no validity behind any of the aforesaid.

With that all said, are you excited for the new Halo VR game or does it seem like a disaster in the making?

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