Moero Chronicle Launches On Steam, Lets You Capture And Romance Monster Girls
Moero Chronicle

Idea Factory International and Compile Heart’s Moero Chronicle recently made its way to Steam, featuring a bunch of moe monster girls to both recruit and fondle in equal turn. The off-center RPG centers around a louse named Io who is a complete loser in his normal life, having only his friend Lilia to talk to who happens to be a monster girl. Io can’t get along with normal girls because his mind is far too perverted, but that perversion comes in handy once he travels to Monstopia, where he’s tasked with bringing to justice rampaging monster girls.

Io must “cleanse” the monster girls by recruiting them and giving them a good ‘ole rub down. Players will be able to recruit up to 50 different monster girls, each with their own abilities and skills, along with various traits you can hone and upgrade over time.

Before you can recruit the monster girls, though, you’ll have to wear them down and capture them, just like in Pokemon. From there, you’ll need to work on building up your relationship with them and attempting to get them out of their pants… assuming they’re wearing any. You can get a glimpse of this moe-filled, monster-girl themed RPG with the Steam launch trailer below.

You’ll be able to have up to five members on your team at any single time, so you’ll need to spend a bit of time figuring out who is best suited for your time and how to best utilize them during battle.

Of course, what would a Compile Heart game be without a bit of sexy-time fanservice? Moero Chronicle sports the ability to see some of the girls in the buff. Unfortunately the naughty bits are all covered by hearts.

There’s a bevy of threads on the forum asking about uncensored versions of the game. However, Moero Chronicle was never released “uncensored”, so basically it would be up to modders to create nude mods for the game and remove the heart patches over the CG images. Expect it to happen sooner or later.

If you’re interested in this monster girl RPG with plenty of fanservice, feel free to check out the Steam store apge to learn more.


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