My Time At Portia Will Head To Kickstarter Ahead Of Early Access Release
My Time at Portia

Pathea Games recently announced that My Time At Portia will be heading into Early Access starting October of this year. The developers don’t want to spend a whole lot of time in Early Access, but they do want to speed up production, which is why they’re heading to Kickstarter so they can bring in a few more artists to help build assets for the game.

The news comes courtesy of a post over on the Steam community page, where the developers announced that alpha 2.0 for My Time At Portia is currently available as a demo download on the game’s page. For those of you who have been playing it or want to play it, you can do so right now.

Additionally, Pathea Games made it known that they’re looking to increase production as soon as possible, and they’ll need to head to Kickstarter to do so…

“[…] we’ve decided to proceed with the Kickstarter. We have around 20 people working on the game right now, we want to increase that number to about 25, mostly to have more artists since we want to make the art in this world more detailed. We could wait a bit until the money from Early Access comes in, but that would be a few months from now and we want to increase our production right now.”

Later in the week they want to detail the plans for crowdfunding the additional help to speed up production leading into the Early Access phase.

Depending on how much they’re asking for will determine how quickly gamers will leap into action, or if they’re willing to leap at all.

Of course, the alpha 2.0 release would certainly help convince some gamers who are skeptical of the slice-of-life, adventure RPG. The changelog reveals that they have new indoor room models, new NPC models, new music tracks, new playable missions, new dungeons, new functions such as eating, new craftables, new NPC behaviors, an overhauled UI, new custscenes and sheep.

They’ve also optimized a lot of the loading, rendering, and added controller support.

If you’re interested in checking out My Time At Portia or getting your hands on the demo, you can do so by visiting the Steam store page.

I’m sure some gamers a bit happy that this latest update is a lot less virtue-signal oriented than the last news story we did about the game.


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