Observer Gameplay Walkthrough
Observer Walkthrough

Bloober Team’s Observer is a new cyberpunk title that has released for Xbox One, PC and PS4. A lot of gamers who may need a bit of help with the title will find that there’s a gameplay walkthrough available for Observer that will help you out in the areas where you may have found yourself getting stuck or having difficulty progressing.

There’s a completely gameplay walkthrough playlist put together by YouTuber ChristopherOdd that covers the game from start to finish. You can check out the playlist below.

The game starts with a quite overview of the game’s setting and Rutger Hauer’s character Daniel Lazarski, an Observer.

At the beginning you’ll be able to choose how to respond when you it comes to whether or not you’ve taken your meds. You’ll need to open up the menu and pop s pill before you receive your first mission.

Daniel’s son, Adam, will contact him… seemingly from beyond the grave. Daniel will then take on his first mission downtown and the credits will then roll.

When you get into the apartment, talk to the super and he’ll ask if you’re a tenant. Tell him “Yes” and say that your name is “Leon Grabinski”.

Through the courtyard, and then right, and then left, and then straight, and then right.

Observer – Janitor

Enter into the apartment. Spot the dead body behind the curtain.

Press the activate button to enter into the electromagnetic scan. Scan the ComPass Implant on the ground. Scan the body for laceration and the stun baton on the ground.

Scan the ID card in the drawer; check the closet and scan the motherboard and the CPU.

There’s a data storage unit that’s heavily encrypted in the kitchen in the corner by the board on the wall. Take it.

For the keypad on the wall in the kitchen, the code is: 1984

This will lower an operating table. Take the Synchrozine.

Activate the computer and read through the available information and deactivate the security gate for the crime scene investigators.

Leave the apartment and go to room 002 to talk to one of the neighbors. The tenant in the room across the hall from 002 will allow you to ask the tenant a few questions about the lockdown.

There’s a photo in the bathroom at the end of the hall.

Talk to the tenant in 009 – if you talk to him about family instead of mentioning you’re a police officer, he will give you a vague description of the tenant in 007.

Get to the end of the hallway and you can unlock the door with the keypad using the code: 0446

Talk to the tenant in room 016, and this will update your quest log.

You can also go into the room at the end of the hall; on the computer is a game you can play.

If you look under the door in the next room, you’ll see the man who committed suicide.

Leave the room and you can go into the super’s office. Activate the computer and check the tenant log.

You’ll need to investigate apartments 104 and 106.

Once you get done on the computer, the super will come back in. Talk to him about the tenants and unlocking the building security systems so you can move about.

Head up to the first floor and head to room 104 – you can also talk to a member of the Church of the Immaculate to learn more about the purists.

If your vision starts getting wonky, be sure to open up your data pad and pop a pill

When you get to 106, talk to Mrs. Nader. You can ask her a number of questions relating to her wife, the nanophage and the cleaners.

Talk to the blind tenant in room 101… he’ll inform you about something with deliberate footsteps “hunting” the halls.

Talk to the rest of the tenants and ask about the girl and the guy from apartment 104.

Head into apartment 104 and scan the identity card for Helena Nowak.

When you find Amir in the apartment, he’s all gutted, disemboweled, and has his throat ripped open. You won’t be able to get any useful info out of him but you can “Observe” him.

Just keep moving through the halls as the mind of Amir continues to desynchronize. The goal is to go up to the tenant doors and talk to Amir’s drug customers until it teleports you to the next scene.

Continue to move through the mind of Amir. There’s a loud stomping that take place where a werewolf creature walks by; follow it.

Walk through the halls until you reach a point where a television on a small table will be present. It will show you certain rooms. Travel to the rooms that appear on the television screen. Keep traveling to each of the rooms that appear on the television screen.

Another series of flashbacks will occur, including Amir’s time in prison.

Once you get done with the synchronization, begin to examine the crime scene.

Examine the wedding tattoo on his left hand – this will help Daniel find Amir’s wife.

Examine the Feed bottle to find the apartments that Amir was going to deliver the drugs to.

The apartments are 112 and 209 on the bottle.

Examine the photos around the room in order to pick up details on the tattoo parlor and Amir’s wife.

Amir has a computer as well, and you can check out the e-mails sent to Amir.

Daniel will attempt to find Helena, Amir’s wife, by attempting to check out the other rooms in the building.

You can head down to room 112 on your way back to the courtyard. Talk to the douche bag in 112. You’ll have the choice of either encouraging him or discouraging him near the end of the conversation – he will mention that Helena headed across the courtyard to the tattoo parlor.

Talk to Paulina in room 113, and she will give you the code: 1074

Put the code into the door at the end of the hall.

Head into the back of the room and you’ll find a woman inside of a dream machine. It’s Pieta Sagan, the friend of Paulina.

You can check Pieta’s computer, which features an online shop for The Dove Lover’s Club. It’s a front for a child sex trade.

Observer -- Pieta Sagan

Read the e-mails and then jack into Pieta with the Dream Eater.

You’ll discover that Pieta attempted to get augments but couldn’t, so she settled for the next best thing: purchasing a child off the dark net and then using a dream machine to tap into the girl’s neuro connector.

When you’re moving through the neural displacement memory field, there will be dark lapses that will attempt to push you out. Hide behind the electronic memory node stations throughout the field to avoid being pushed back.

If you stand behind the electronic stations while the wind blows, you won’t get pushed back. Also, you can press the buttons to learn more about Ono and Pieta’s relationship.

When you reach the end where the gate is located, there’s a small wooden obstruction with a slider on it. Slide the gauge to the right.

When you reach Pieta, talk to her about her connection. You’ll have the choice to: Reboot the System or Restore Connection.

If you reboot the system it will disconnect Pieta from Paulina, and Pieta might die. If you restore the connection it might leave the two of them together.

Scan the Mr. Scooter tool on the floor, and then exit the apartment and head up to the next floor.

Head into the kitchen area and you’ll get a flashback sequence of the headless guy at the table. You can examine some of the items before you exit.

You’ll find a rose hybrid on a gate just outside the kitchen, which you can scan before heading to the next set of rooms.

Head to room 209 and talk to John Bukowski.

After talking with him make your way back down to the maintenance room.

You’ll need to plug the electrical cord into the computer and when it gets done booting up, update the OS to Chronos version 5.61. You can then enable access to the maintenance access and there’s a card inside the tunnel you can retrieve.

From there head outside to the tattoo parlor.

Inside the parlor you can examine the computer as well as listen to the tape recorder on the desk.

Read the e-mails on the computer and then head behind the curtain, and you’ll find the third victim… Helena.

Examine the power adapter and the holo-injector, along with the victim on the floor. Examine the puncture words, the tattoo machine, and the wireless pedal. Examine the ComPass Implant on her wrist and the blood on the table near the chair. From there you’ll need to jack into Helena’s chip to find out more about what led to her death.

Interrogate Helena by examining the neural implant.

Follow the on-screen instructions from the terminal.

You will be able to choose “Yes” or “No” from the prompt until the subject assessment is complete.

From here make your way through the terminal where you’ll see lots of Chiron employees moving around an office terminal as black specters. Make your way to Amir inside of a room where he’s wearing a blue shirt.

Follow the black tentacle monster into the next room, head to the monitor on the wall and press the green button.

The scene will glitch and you’ll hear some chillstep music. You’ll need to head to the top right corner of the room and go through a tunnel that leads into a terminal maintenance area. You’ll get trapped in an elevator that will take you down to a dilapidated apartment.

Check the clock in the kitchen and set it to 3:20am. A photo in the other room will come out of the printer. Take the photo and then exit the room.

Head through the through the camera and then look at Amir throwing up in the bathroom and then exit the room and move past all of the washing machine units toward the door at the end of the hall and keep going through the doors until you finally reach the end of the hall where Helena is crying over a table.

Proceed through the office door and get the ticket number that reads 896 and then head through the hall until you reach the little boy. Talk to Adam and then head through the radiation door.

Keep moving through the rooms and going through the doors until you reach the apple. Interact with the apple.

Keep going until you a cinematic plays and you end up in a distorted office terminal and you have to download the confidential information from the computer. There’s also a monster lurking around.

You’ll need to avoid the monster by hiding behind the office cubicles and waiting for him to pass by so you can head into the next room. You’ll end up in a office space where there are terminals that have lightning coming down. Go to each of the terminals and download the confidential information.

Once you reach all three terminals and download the information from each one, a green halo will come down in the middle of the office. Go into the green light to teleport to the next segment.

Keep progressing through the halls by following the snake until you reach an apartment with a running sink.

Move around the room until tentacle monsters appear and then a television comes out of the floor. Drag the television cord to the plug in the wall near the door and then proceed through the door.

Drag the television into the next room and plug it into the outlet to open the door into the hallway.

Take the television make your way through the hall until you find another plug in the wall and then plug it into the outlet and then go through the door that opens up. Leave the television behind and go into the door and open the other door from the other side and then take the television with you through the open door in the other room.

Head down the hall until you reach the camera with the red light that blocks your path.

Plug the television into the outlet and then go back and press the button on the panel.

Follow the blue electrical cord back down the hall way toward the other door that opens up and leads you toward a terminal that allows you to download the confidential information from the database.

Make your way into the terminal room and then plug the television into the outlet. The scene will change and you’ll need to sneak through a cable field where some drones are flying overhead. Avoid the drones as you make your way through the cable field. Head to the computer terminal and access it to head to the next segment.

Follow the trippy segment all the way until the end and you’ll receive the next clue to your next objective, which is to find the hidden passage with the code: 3615.

When you get out of the interrogation, examine the back of the chair and there’s a latch on the headrest. Pull it down and there’s a number pad. Input the code 3615 and it will open a hidden passage into another room.

You’ll discover a surgical chop shop. There’s some Synchrozine in the corner on the floor. You’ll need to power up the room, though. There’s a junction box in the corner of the room. Flip the switch to turn the power on.



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