PlayStation VR Bundle Discounted To $449, But It’s Still Not Worth It
PS VR Price Cut
(Last Updated On: August 29, 2017)

Sony is discounting the PlayStation VR standard headset bundle with the PlayStation Camera down to $399.99. The starter bundle that comes with PlayStation VR Worlds (a sampler disc of sorts), two PlayStation Wands, and the PlayStation Camera has been discounted down to $449.99. However, be warned that it’s still not worth the price of entry.

The news rolled out recently over on the PlayStation Blog, where Sony announced the two deals that will be available starting September 1st for the PlayStation VR.

What they don’t tell is that there aren’t enough good games for it to justify the price of entry. You’re essentially paying the price of a full console and you won’t have more than a game or two that’s worth playing on the system, forcing it to do nothing more than collect dust.

Games like Star Trek: Bridge Crew are pure trash, and Resident Evil 7 would have been better in VR on the HTC Vive.

Farpoint is a poor man’s Lost Planet with none of the fun, none of the cool weapons, and none of the immersion. If you want to experience some entertainment aiming your joystick around in the air, you would be better off checking out the JOI category on PornHub.

The Batman Arkham VR experiment is like 15 through 20 minutes of Rocksteady laughing their way to the bank knowing that they just suckered you into paying premium price for an unfinished tech demo, and games like Tiny Trax are better played without a clunky headset on.

The only two noteworthy games on the PlayStation VR are Superhot VR and Arizona Sunshine, both of which are better on PC.

In the end, until Sony starts securing real games for the PlaySTation VR there’s absolutely no point in wasting $449.99 just so you can pad the pockets of people who like masturbating the marketing slogans about the virtues and wonders of VR while having nothing noteworthy or fun to justify the price of entry for it.

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